Swelling + Breast Implants

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Will my Implants Appear Smaller Once Swelling Reduces?

I just got 450cc silicone breast implants under the muscle. It's only been one week since my surgery but they look HUGE. I'm 5'6, 125... READ MORE

When I Wake Up in the Morning, my Breasts Feel So Tight and Swollen. Is This Normal? (photo)

I am 5 days Post-Op (400cc Mentor Silicone Gel, High Profile, under the muscle). When I wake up in the mornings, my breasts feel like they are two... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture at 3 Weeks Post-Op - PS Recommends I Lift Weights

I'M ONLY 4 WKS POSTOP w/CC. If possible, I would rate this CC a 6-7 on the Baker Scale. Extremely painful, but always figured from being placed... READ MORE

Cohesive Gel Implants Swelling After Doing Push Ups

I had breast augmentation surgery 2 1/2 years ago. These are the cohesive gel implants. The other day i was doing push-ups and felt something pop or... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implants for 8 Years, Now Sore, Swollen and Fluid Around Implant

I have had my silicone breast implants for 8 years already. A week ago I started to feel my left breats very sore and now is swolen. I had an... READ MORE

I Have Had my Implants for Four Years and for the Past Two Days my Right Breast Hurts

I have had my implants for four years and they have been awsome but for the past two days my right breast is painful it is a little swallon it feels... READ MORE

My Saline Breast Implants Are Lumpy and Shelflike. Need Advice.

Four weeks ago I had saline implants put in under the muscle with a breast lift. I've had a lot of swelling and bruising, and even pitting sternal... READ MORE

How Much Swelling is Present 3 Weeks Post Op After Breast Implants?

How much bruising should be visible about 3 weeks after Breast Implants? Does the bruising typically turn brown and yellow by then and start to fade? READ MORE

Will my Implants Shrink?

I had transumbical procedure today. I really thought from what we discussed i would be bigger. i already was a c, now i feel like a slightly bigger c.... READ MORE

Breast Swelling After Running - Have Silicone Implants

After I run my left breast swells and gets painfull for a few days. Should I worry? I am 2 and half months post surgery I had a 285cc silicone implant... READ MORE

5 Days Post Breast Implants: 304CC Silicone and Unhappy

I am unhappy with my results! I am 5'1 , 100 pounds petite frame with 304cc silicone & unders. I feel like that is soo small on me &... READ MORE

Cellulitis After Breast Implant Replacement and Lift

I had breast implant replacement and breast lift done a week ago. I have cellulitis in the left breast. It is very painful red and swollen. I don't... READ MORE

Uneven Swelling Post Breast Implants Operation

I had breast implants done 6 days ago. One breast is noticeably more swollen than the other. My doctor said it was fine yesterday, but im still... READ MORE

Will They Get Bigger?

2 Day w/ 371cc, pre op 34A , after swelling but I look so flat, help will they get bigger? I don't understand why I look so flat w/ my new... READ MORE

Is This Muscle Swelling or is the Implant Actually Placed That High? (photo)

I am 40 days post op with a breast lift and augment. I think it was like 400 or 410 cc saline implants, under. No massage was prescribed for assisting... READ MORE

Swelling in Armpit Area After Breast Implants

I had seline implants behind muscle done 2 weeks ago. Yes,there is a normal swelling that goes with the surgery,however my concern is about the... READ MORE

10 Year Old Saline Implants, One Implant Became Achy And Swollen 2 Days Ago, Normal?

Ten years ago, I had saline implants. I'm thin-skinned and went from A to full B. I had no problems since the surgery. Two days ago one of my... READ MORE

Accolate for Suspected Capsular Contracture?

I am now 7 weeks Breast augmentation post-op and was recently told by my plastic surgeon that I may have beginning signs of capsular contracture, due... READ MORE

Why is my Saline Implant Swollen After Heavy Lifting?

I've had my implants for 10 years. While doing heavy lifting, I think I pulled a muscle under my arm. I felt sore in my right breast and... READ MORE

Swelling and Fluid Build-up After Breast Implant Removal

I had radiation treatment on my left breast in 2000. I had the breast implant removed on March 31st. I am having a real problem with fluid build up.... READ MORE

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