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My doctor cut too much off my left breast, making it almost impossible for my wound to heal. Do I need another surgery? (Photo)

Had surgery done 2 months ago initially my right breast was bigger than my left because of breastfeeding. doc measure me like 3 times ended up putting... READ MORE

What are the main causes of Breast Implants bottoming out?

Is it really mostly from having a bad surgeon? Or is it the luck of the draw? READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation 7 days ago. Hain has increased, surgeon was dismissive and I'm not sure why. (Photo)

I had sub muscular breast augmentation 7 days ago. I am 5'6 115 pounds with 450cc implants. I was a small a. The day after i was up and around feeling... READ MORE

1 week post-op: my incision opened up today. PS says he will remove implant if it's infected. Should I seek another doc? (Photo)

Ok after all your replies regarding my last post I had immediate surgery on July 22(I'll repost pic) there was no infection seen and it was sent to... READ MORE

I love the shape of anatomical/teardrop implants but I have lower breast fullness? (Photo)

This image is a crop of my mommy makeover before pic. I have yet to schedule a procedure and I'm sure a surgeon will tell me, but I was wondering if... READ MORE

What can be done to fix my boobs? Went in debt to get this done. Will a PS fix it if it's his mistake? (Photo)

Have no upper fullness they are still as saggy as bf just a bit firmer ps said implant to heavy . I told him at consult I don't care to be big same... READ MORE

Uneven and bubbles in both breasts two months post-op. Surgeons office won't return my calls or emails. what do I do? (Photos)

I have bubbles under my incisions on both breast two months post op, left is larger than right, this is my second breast aug, i have silicone 550cc... READ MORE

Why are my breast so uneven at 6.5 weeks PO? (Photos)

Thursday will mark 7 weeks post op for me. I got 400cc HP unders. Ever since immediately post op my right breast has sat lower than my left. I've... READ MORE

Really worried about my size 410 cc (Photos)

I am 4 days post op which knunderstandnis very early on in the recovery period. I had B cup breasts before (photo included) and I had 410 cc unders 4... READ MORE

10 months post-op. Implants too close and bottomed out? (Photos)

I had my augmentation last July and my implants are very close together as well as bottoming out. My implants are not below my incision line. How... READ MORE

How does the surgeon determine the range of implant size? (Photos)

My bra size is 32F. I lost 120# and I miss having bigger breast but I dont want them nearly as big as they use to be. I dont understand the... READ MORE

Can I achieve this look for similar with no lift?

I'm 4'11,144lbs curvy, I have a big butt /hips and thighs. I have had 3 kids and breastfeed 2. My goal boobs are Kate Upton. My surgeon said... READ MORE

What are my options for explant and lift after large implant (went from 34DDD to 34G/H)? (Photos)

I am a mother of two, breastfed both kids, left with saggy breasts. PS put in 470 cc high profile implants to create a fuller look and somewhat lift... READ MORE

Is it "normal" for a smooth round silicone implant to flip upside down so it's flat on the top of your breast? (Photo)

If I don't wear a bra (even just during sex) my left implant flips over so that it's flat on top. I have to physically manipulate it back into place... READ MORE

I am 4"10 weighing 121 lbs breast augmentation, what would be the best implant size for me? (Photos)

I am 4"10 weighing 121lbs very petite with a curvy shape. My surgeon and I agreed that 400cc silicone will help me achieve the look I'm going for... READ MORE

I have tuberous breasts. My surgeon lowered my fold. Did surgeon lower my fold too much? Would round implants work? (Photos)

What would you suggest? I would like to get new round implants ( I had textured teardrop implants/subplanar one implant flipped and I had implants... READ MORE

Have my 190cc implants bottomed out? (Photos)

Hi a couple of other surgeons have said these 190cc implants have bottomed out is that the case? Thank you. The redness is from retina on the... READ MORE

Was it an error or was is my breasts?

Pre op I had a breast slightly bigger.It bothered me,it would pull my clothes to the side.My ps In his notes wrote filling to 375 and 395.I got... READ MORE

Are the sizes suggested going to fix my uneven breasts and look natural on my body?

I'm 5'7, weight 125lbs with 32A breast wanting full C cup. I had a consultation last week, and decided to get 400cc's silicon. My surgeon... READ MORE

Will my surgeon correct this? He didn't take my size down properly.

So I'm 8 weeks post op and I knew from the start my breasts were definitely smaller than agreed. Turns out when I went to see my surgeon he had wrote... READ MORE

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