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What's Causing my Breasts to Take an Odd Shape? (photo)

I have 421cc silicone implants placed subfascial through transax incisions. I'm 9 weeks post op & noticed around week 5 that my breasts began... READ MORE

Subfascial Implant Placement Risks?

What are the risks for Capsular Contracture, Symmastia, botttoming out, and distortion with subfascial placement? Are they better or worse? I'm... READ MORE

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Subfacial and Submuscular Placement? (photo)

Which would you recommend on a thin woman to get the most natural result? READ MORE

What's Your Opinion on the Sub-fascial Breast Implant Compared to Subpectoral?

Is it really better than sub pectoral? I am getting a full lift with small impants in April and never heard of sub fascia before. It all sounded... READ MORE

Folds Appearing 1 Year Post Silicone Breast Implants, What's The Cause?

I've had my silicone implants for a little over a year. I recently noticed the skin under my right breast felt tight. When I lift my arms you can... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post op and I think one of my pockets maybe over dissected. Any opinions or advice? Much appreciated (: (Photo)

Hi I am 5'4, 105lbs with 400cc high profile subfascia placed silicone implants. At 3 weeks I had my left breast drained (about 50cc) and it's healed... READ MORE

Partial Submuscular, Total Submuscular, or Subfacial Position - Which is Better?

Which would you prefer, for a 500cc silicon implant? i'm worried about how real they'll feel? will subfascial still give me the benefit of under the... READ MORE

Implants look like basketballs, no slope, dents or lines through them, and are falling into armpit! 11 days post op. (Photo)

Hi I am 5'4 105lbs and I started with a 32b or 34a. I went in told my doctor I want 350cc-400cc under muscle moderate plus profile. He sold me on this... READ MORE

Do sub-fascial breast implants drop and fluff like subglandular or submuscular?

Im looking to know if by putting implants subfascially, i'd have a natural teardrop shape that would fall out of the breast (like many submuscular or... READ MORE

Are round or anatomical implants best for subfascial placement?

After researching quite a bit I'm almost positive it would be best for me to choose a subfascial placement. However, has it been established in... READ MORE

What Breast Implant technique has the best results regarding sagging? Subfascial vs Submuscular

I'm just wanting to know the if the subfascial placement will sag quicker over time then the submuscular? Yes I know that over time gravity will take... READ MORE

Subglandular, submuscular/subpectoral, or subfascial placement for silicone gel breast implants? (photos)

My implants are mostly for fixing asymmetry & adding slight volume, but not enlarging breast size. So the implants would be quite small. Originally I... READ MORE

Crisalix and Vectra 3 Imaging. How accurate are they with tuberous breasts/ subfascial placement? (Photo)

I've been to two drs who suggested Natrelle410styles. One said I had grade 1 tubular breasts so a specific technique was needed. He uses Crisalix... READ MORE

Does Cohesive Gel Even Ripple?

I am considering breast augmentation with the cohesive gel and my doctor recommended a subfascial placement. One of the cons of subfascial placement... READ MORE

Does Subfacial Placement Interfere with Mammogram Readings?

I am looking at getting silicone implants placed subfascially and wanted to see how this placement will affect mammograms. Also because they are... READ MORE

Subfascial Implants - What Size Wil I Be?

I had my silicone implants done subfascially 10 days ago. Some blogs say when you do subfascial there is swelling, some say not do much. I'm... READ MORE

What is the difference between a subfascial and a subpectoral implant ? (photos)

I know what a subglandular Breast augmentation is but what are the other two ? And which is the best form to place implants subpectoral or subfacial?... READ MORE

Should I go sub-fascia or under the muscle?

I am 5'3, a 23 B, 115-120lbs. I am very "ribby" on my chest. I want to get breast implants and my doctor said do to the way my breast face slightly... READ MORE

Subfascial Breast implants? What size? (photo)

I have seen the horrors of submuscular placement and want to avoid contraction of the implant. I also don't want to do subglandular because I'm afraid... READ MORE

How long after subfascial breast augmentation can I get back to high intensity/heavy weight workouts?

I know under the muscle implants require longer healing time. But it seems over the muscle (subfascial)would be less invasive with quicker healing,... READ MORE

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