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Can You Sleep on Your Stomach with Breast Implants?

Is there any side effects from sleeping on your stomach with implants? READ MORE

Sleeping on Stomach Change Breast Implants Volume?

I wanted bigger breasts because im athletic and I didnt have any. I had a Breast augmentation done on December 2008 and I have gel implants. Will the... READ MORE

To any doctors using gummy bear implants, will they continue to soften?

I have the Mentor MemoryShape implants and love the way they look and feel, but 13 weeks post-op it is still uncomfortable to lay on my stomach. Do... READ MORE

Sleeping medication after surgery. Can you still sleep on your stomach after you have healed?

Hi, I have existing sleeping issues, and can only sleep on my stomach... which has never been a problem due to being so flat chested... ! But, can you... READ MORE

Stomach Swollen 1 Year Post- Breast Implants - Why?

It Has Been Almost a Year Since my Breast Implants and my Stomach is Still Swollen READ MORE

Can my 20 year old implants be making me sick?

I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos and now fibromyalgia, Also have stomach issues and sore joints with a high inflammation count. I am hearing that... READ MORE

I've had breast implants for almost 5 months now and I wanted to know if it is ok to sleep on my stomach?

Not just now but always. Can it cause anything to change with my implants, flatten, or even cause too much of gap in the middle ? READ MORE

Deformed breast post augmentation and lumpy stomach post lipo (Photo)

I had a saline breast augmentation 8 months ago. My left breast still looks deformed. My wound opened post surgery and he claims that is why it hasn't... READ MORE

Sleeping on stomach after textured silicone implants?

I am a stomach sleeper, I wanted to know that if after I heal from a breast augmentation surgery is it okay to sleep on your stomach. I'm getting... READ MORE

High risk of breast tissue atrophy w/ sub glandular placement? Cons of sleeping on my side or on my stomach after augmentation?

I was recommended to have sub glandular breast implants (370-425cc textured, anatomical). Am I more likely to have atrophy of my breast tissue because... READ MORE

Can my breast implants and liposuction deformities be fixed? (Photo)

I had liposuction twice in the last three years. The first time was August 2012 the second time was May 2013 in hopes to fix round 1 deformities.... I... READ MORE

Will sleeping on my stomach cause displacement with my implants?

I got 330cc under muscle implants 2 months ago. I'm getting poor sleep since I haven't been sleeping on my stomach. My surgeon says i can never sleep... READ MORE

Is it possible to actually feel implant dropping? (Photo)

I had a sensation of my left breast dropping. I fell asleep for 20 mins and woke up on my stomach. As soon as I got up my left breast felt funny and... READ MORE

7 weeks after my surgery and I still have a dent in my right breast. Is fat grafting permanent? I want them redone. (photo)

Got a breast implant and tummy tuck. They put a thick wrap around my stomach but nothing on breast. The wrap around my stomach was so big it was... READ MORE

Should I do breast augmentation umbilical approach since I already have a scar on my stomach? (Photo)

I has always wanted to have breast augmentation. However I already has a big and long scar on my stomach, so I prefer not to have other scars. I... READ MORE

Will implants improve space between breasts and can large implants (450 ccs) negatively impact quality of life? (Photos)

1) I have had one consultation so far and the surgeon suggested 450 ccs high profile. I like the size, but will that help improve an already slightly... READ MORE

Which implants are best for belly sleepers?

Which implants do your patients say is the easiest to get back to sleeping on their bellies again? READ MORE

Will I ever sleep on my stomach again?

I have been a stomach sleeper for as long as I can remember.. in my research I have noticed that you need to sleep on your back for the first little... READ MORE

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