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Please Tell Me Whats Wrong 3 Weeks Post Op Breast Implants? (photo)

Im so scared i dont have any pre op pictures but i have several post op pictures. one breast looks way bigger then the other and feels a lot softer... READ MORE

Right Breast Implant So Stiff and Hard?

I got my implants back in July it been about 8 months now. Both my breast has pretty much completely went down as I can say. The problem I'm having it... READ MORE

5 Days post op Breast Augmentation. Is the stiffness & tightness normal or early signs of complications? (photos)

Hi! I got a 300cc breast argumentation five days ago. Originally 32b. I feel more stiff and tight in my left breast. I also feel that it is sittinf... READ MORE

Is It a Pulled Muscle?

Had a boob job&2wks after the procedure someone viciously grabbed my left boob.Before this incident both Healed perfect.Now my right boob is... READ MORE

Why can't I squeeze my breasts? (Photo)

Well , I Had The Surgery 3 weeks ago Went From Totally Flat To B-Cup (even though i wanted C-Cup but it wasn't possible) i tried squeezing them but... READ MORE

2 weeks PO, breast stiff, is this normal?

I am only 16 days post op after having a BA saline filled HP right 450cc & left 425cc. Under muscle pero Areola incisions. I understand that... READ MORE

Taking Singulair and Now Saline Implants Soften and Some Gurling? (Updated Info)

I felt some stiffness in the left implant and was told to take Singuliar. Stiffness is gone and breast implant feels a little sore with some gurgling... READ MORE

The struggle of BA post op day 6. Is it normal for the breasts to feel heavy, hard, and stiff?

I had my breast augmentation 6 days ago. Is it normal for the breasts to feel heavy, hard, and stiff? Sometimes i have burning sensations or sharp... READ MORE

Could it be the muscle underneath being inflamed or the breast implant?

It will be 3 yrs this February that I had my breast implant surgery. After a 3 day painting frenzy I noticed my right breast (the one I used to do... READ MORE

Breast stiffness after breast augmentation- 12 day post op. Can this mean capsular contracture? (Photo)

Hi! I've had my breast augmentation 11 days ago (370cc; silicone; under the muscle) My breasts are very stiff and not moving anywhere. I am not sure... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants Done over the Muscle 3 Years Ago in the Last Two Weeks my One Breasts Has Changed?

I am 53 and going thru menopause and on of my breast has become harder and sitting higher then my other one! What could this be? READ MORE

What could be causing pain slight swelling below incision site? Why am I feel the valve now? Do I need surgery again? (photo)

I have had saline implants since 2011, one week ago in 2015 I began to experience mild swelling pain near the incision site below my areola. I felt a... READ MORE

How can I treat the pain in my breast after implants?

Hi my age is 50 Years and I had breast implants in 2012 and after implants my breast one side is perfect but the other side is giving me lot of... READ MORE

Do these look normal healing to you?

I just had surgery 3 days ago, I switched out my 7 year old saline implants for HP gel silicone 800cc .. I just want reassurance these are looking ok... READ MORE

Is this normal? One implant is very high and stiff. (Photo)

One of my implants are very high up while they other one is normal.. ( my right implant is the one riding up very high , one finger under my... READ MORE

Why is my left breast somewhat stiffer then my right? (Photo)

I'm 5 weeks post of and had 600 cc saline implants. Right after surgery my left breast was very swollen and very bruised. My right breast was slightly... READ MORE

How can my doctor tell just by looking at them and not getting a ultrasound? Also the one that's bigger feels stiff.

My left breast is a lot firmer and a bit larger than my right breast, when I wear shirts they look really lopsided. I had surgery 5 weeks ago, and saw... READ MORE

Can I use ice packs?

Hello, I'm 5 days post opp had 375cc overs and I feel terrible I can't lift my right arm much I'm so stiff and can barely walk for a few minutes I'm... READ MORE

Please tell me what's wrong 3 weeks post op breast implants! (photos)

Im so scared i dont have any pre op pictures but i have several post op pictures. one breast looks way bigger then the other and feels a lot softer... READ MORE

Is it scar tissue or something else I should be concerned about in my breast implants?

Five years ago, I got saline breast implants. The right breast was always a lot stiffer but just recently I have experienced a lot of pain and what... READ MORE

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