Stiffness + Breast Implants

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Please Tell Me Whats Wrong 3 Weeks Post Op Breast Implants? (photo)

Im so scared i dont have any pre op pictures but i have several post op pictures. one breast looks way bigger then the other and feels a lot softer... READ MORE

Right Breast Implant So Stiff and Hard?

I got my implants back in July it been about 8 months now. Both my breast has pretty much completely went down as I can say. The problem I'm having it... READ MORE

5 Days post op Breast Augmentation. Is the stiffness & tightness normal or early signs of complications? (photos)

Hi! I got a 300cc breast argumentation five days ago. Originally 32b. I feel more stiff and tight in my left breast. I also feel that it is sittinf... READ MORE

2 weeks PO, breast stiff, is this normal?

I am only 16 days post op after having a BA saline filled HP right 450cc & left 425cc. Under muscle pero Areola incisions. I understand that... READ MORE

Taking Singulair and Now Saline Implants Soften and Some Gurling? (Updated Info)

I felt some stiffness in the left implant and was told to take Singuliar. Stiffness is gone and breast implant feels a little sore with some gurgling... READ MORE

Is It a Pulled Muscle?

Had a boob job&2wks after the procedure someone viciously grabbed my left boob.Before this incident both Healed perfect.Now my right boob is... READ MORE

Breast stiffness after breast augmentation- 12 day post op. Can this mean capsular contracture? (Photo)

Hi! I've had my breast augmentation 11 days ago (370cc; silicone; under the muscle) My breasts are very stiff and not moving anywhere. I am not sure... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants Done over the Muscle 3 Years Ago in the Last Two Weeks my One Breasts Has Changed?

I am 53 and going thru menopause and on of my breast has become harder and sitting higher then my other one! What could this be? READ MORE

Why can't I squeeze my breasts? (Photo)

Well , I Had The Surgery 3 weeks ago Went From Totally Flat To B-Cup (even though i wanted C-Cup but it wasn't possible) i tried squeezing them but... READ MORE

What could be causing pain slight swelling below incision site? Why am I feel the valve now? Do I need surgery again? (photo)

I have had saline implants since 2011, one week ago in 2015 I began to experience mild swelling pain near the incision site below my areola. I felt a... READ MORE

Could it be the muscle underneath being inflamed or the breast implant?

It will be 3 yrs this February that I had my breast implant surgery. After a 3 day painting frenzy I noticed my right breast (the one I used to do... READ MORE

How can I treat the pain in my breast after implants?

Hi my age is 50 Years and I had breast implants in 2012 and after implants my breast one side is perfect but the other side is giving me lot of... READ MORE

Can I use ice packs?

Hello, I'm 5 days post opp had 375cc overs and I feel terrible I can't lift my right arm much I'm so stiff and can barely walk for a few minutes I'm... READ MORE

The struggle of BA post op day 6. Is it normal for the breasts to feel heavy, hard, and stiff?

I had my breast augmentation 6 days ago. Is it normal for the breasts to feel heavy, hard, and stiff? Sometimes i have burning sensations or sharp... READ MORE

Is it scar tissue or something else I should be concerned about in my breast implants?

Five years ago, I got saline breast implants. The right breast was always a lot stiffer but just recently I have experienced a lot of pain and what... READ MORE

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