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Edge of Implant Feels Like a Squishy Bump on Side of Breast

At 3.5 mos. post-op I felt a small bump on the side of my breast near my armpit, @ the time my implant dropped. I saw my GYN for my annual appt.2 wks... READ MORE

Breast Implants Look Deformed when Lifting Weights

I had breast implants and a lift over two years ago. If I put my hands together like I Dream of Jeannie and flex, my breasts look completely deformed... READ MORE

If my Memory Gel Breast Implant Suddenly Got Squishy After Rough Handling, is It Broken?

I got memortgel implants (450ml) in April and after rough handling, one is much squishier than the other and makes noises. What is the likelihood that... READ MORE

Implants gap at bottom of implant 3 weeks post op? (photos)

I know it may just be my anatomy and it may stay the same but I've seen women where once implants drops they don't look so far apart. I know they will... READ MORE

Feeling/heartbroken my a squishy noise coming from my right breast? 1 day post op for BA (Photos)

When I touch the top of my right breast it makes a gurgling squishy noise. It seems larger than the left. Drains were removed a few hours ago and I'm... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, could this be capsular contracture? (Photo)

My left boob is riding a lot higher then my right. They are both squishy although my right is softer. My dr. Thought I could be capsulated but after... READ MORE

Swollen, squishy, asymmetrical left breast 4 weeks post op, what do I do?

I had BA 4 weeks ago and afterwards I had a more swollen left side. Apparently my surgeon had to do more cauterising on that side. It had come down in... READ MORE

Follow-up: Continuation to my "Incision re-opening" question. (Photo)

It doesn't look as bad anymore (it used to be more open and red but it mostly closed) and I even had a scab over it but it fell off and then bled for... READ MORE

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