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Breast Implant Moves Around in Pocket During Exercise

I have had my impants for two years and recently when I do cardio I feel like my right implant is moving around the pocket. I went from an A to a C... READ MORE

Can I Play Tackle Football After Silicone Implants?

I am 5'9 170 and have 425cc silicone implants. I got invited to play on a professional womens football team and was wondering if this is a good idea.... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Implants Do I Have to Wait Before Playing Volleyball?

I play league volleyball and was wondering how long after breast implants would have to wait before playing again. Also, if I dove on the floor for a... READ MORE

How Will my Breast Implants Affect my Lifestyle?

I'm very athletic so I'm concerned w/ unders affecting my lifestyle. My PS plans to go subfascially. Now I'm worried I'll get a shelf look. SO, I'm... READ MORE

Can I Ski 3months After a BA?

I am getting a BA in December but have a ski trip in Japan planned for early march READ MORE

I Am a 6'1" Athletic M2f. Which Sort Implant is More Durable to a Sport Like Rowing.

I am a 6'1" athletic m2f. Which sort implant is more durable to a sport like rowing. READ MORE

i play college basketball so if i get saline implants will that cause any danger?

Such as bursting, leakage, etc. Also how long after the surgery will i be able to play and lift weights again? READ MORE

How long after a breast augmentation, can I play volleyball again?

I just got a breast augmentation on August 5, 2015 under the muscle and with silicon. I've played volleyball my whole life even play collegiately, I... READ MORE

I'm 18 and would like bigger breasts, but i play basketball and I'm scared if i get saline implants it will pop.

I have 3 more years of playing basketball left. What should i do? I would love to get surgery now but if it pops then what? How much would it be to... READ MORE

Are there any types of breast implants that would be safe for a rugby player?

Rugby is obviously a very rough sport but I love it and will never want to give it up. I am very disappointed by my breasts though, and would like to... READ MORE

Worried that post op I won't be able to go back to my regular activity level. When u have implants, should you avoid sports?

I am 5"5, 118 lbs, 32A currently and having my BA in 4 days. I am getting 375cc, smooth, HP cohesive gel implants (unders). I play outdoor soccer and... READ MORE

Submuscular implants: Should I be worried about animation deformity with my lifestyle?

I watched a video of a girl with unders demonstrating AD, and it was pretty jarring. But I don't know how much effort she was putting into contracting... READ MORE

Has anyone heard of tieing a long shoelace for extra support after mastopexy revision? (Photo)

I had my revision mastopexy a few days ago. First surgery 6 months ago. Breast were saggy. This time had a lollipop lift. Dr. Wants me to wear a... READ MORE

What Exactly is a Lift?

I have had saline implants for 11 years (under the muscle). I went from nothing to a C cup. What is involved in going down to a B cup? Would that be a... READ MORE

When can I go back to playing golf soonest after BA?

I had BA under muscle on 21 March , when I back to play golf. My surgeon said need 3 months to recover because the implant may move? . But I feel... READ MORE

How soon can I get back into contact sports?

I am 3 weeks post op and carefully following all instructions. Roughly when is it safe to return to full workouts and sports? Will contact sports like... READ MORE

575cc silicone over the muscle. When can I start to push myself again?

Will my recovery to sports be faster since its over the muscle. I do collegiate track at a HIGH level and I lift heavy. I'm currently 3 weeks post op... READ MORE

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