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Breast Implant Moves Around in Pocket During Exercise

I have had my impants for two years and recently when I do cardio I feel like my right implant is moving around the pocket. I went from an A to a C... READ MORE

Can I Play Tackle Football After Silicone Implants?

I am 5'9 170 and have 425cc silicone implants. I got invited to play on a professional womens football team and was wondering if this is a good idea.... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Implants Do I Have to Wait Before Playing Volleyball?

I play league volleyball and was wondering how long after breast implants would have to wait before playing again. Also, if I dove on the floor for a... READ MORE

How Will my Breast Implants Affect my Lifestyle?

I'm very athletic so I'm concerned w/ unders affecting my lifestyle. My PS plans to go subfascially. Now I'm worried I'll get a shelf look. SO, I'm... READ MORE

Can I Ski 3months After a BA?

I am getting a BA in December but have a ski trip in Japan planned for early march READ MORE

I Am a 6'1" Athletic M2f. Which Sort Implant is More Durable to a Sport Like Rowing.

I am a 6'1" athletic m2f. Which sort implant is more durable to a sport like rowing. READ MORE

i play college basketball so if i get saline implants will that cause any danger?

Such as bursting, leakage, etc. Also how long after the surgery will i be able to play and lift weights again? READ MORE

I'm 18 and would like bigger breasts, but i play basketball and I'm scared if i get saline implants it will pop.

I have 3 more years of playing basketball left. What should i do? I would love to get surgery now but if it pops then what? How much would it be to... READ MORE

How long after a breast augmentation, can I play volleyball again?

I just got a breast augmentation on August 5, 2015 under the muscle and with silicon. I've played volleyball my whole life even play collegiately, I... READ MORE

Worried that post op I won't be able to go back to my regular activity level. When u have implants, should you avoid sports?

I am 5"5, 118 lbs, 32A currently and having my BA in 4 days. I am getting 375cc, smooth, HP cohesive gel implants (unders). I play outdoor soccer and... READ MORE

Are there any types of breast implants that would be safe for a rugby player?

Rugby is obviously a very rough sport but I love it and will never want to give it up. I am very disappointed by my breasts though, and would like to... READ MORE

Has anyone heard of tieing a long shoelace for extra support after mastopexy revision? (Photo)

I had my revision mastopexy a few days ago. First surgery 6 months ago. Breast were saggy. This time had a lollipop lift. Dr. Wants me to wear a... READ MORE

What Exactly is a Lift?

I have had saline implants for 11 years (under the muscle). I went from nothing to a C cup. What is involved in going down to a B cup? Would that be a... READ MORE

575cc silicone over the muscle. When can I start to push myself again?

Will my recovery to sports be faster since its over the muscle. I do collegiate track at a HIGH level and I lift heavy. I'm currently 3 weeks post op... READ MORE

How soon can I get back into contact sports?

I am 3 weeks post op and carefully following all instructions. Roughly when is it safe to return to full workouts and sports? Will contact sports like... READ MORE

Submuscular implants: Should I be worried about animation deformity with my lifestyle?

I watched a video of a girl with unders demonstrating AD, and it was pretty jarring. But I don't know how much effort she was putting into contracting... READ MORE

Is it okay to snowboard with saline implants? Can a snowboarding fall rupture an implant?

I am 5 months post op and have saline unders. Today I am supposed to be going snowboarding and am so scared something may happen and might just stay... READ MORE

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