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What is the Difference Between Submuscular and Partial Submuscular Implants?

What is the split muscle technique? And which is best for an athletic woman to prevent animation deformity? READ MORE

Breast Reduction Incision Seems to Be Splitting Around Nipple, What's the Cause?

I had surgery a little over 2 weeks ago and the steri strips around the nipple just came off - I noticed on my right breast, which had a lot of... READ MORE

Is It Common for Breast Implant Incisions to Rip Open?

My breast incision ripped during my massaging techniques 25 days post op. My massaging techniques were assigned to my from my PS. Is there any reason... READ MORE

does split-muscle implant placement give a more natural result?


Breast Implants Incision is Opening, Is this Normal? (photo)

I been having brest implants for a year. Couple of months ago i send a email to my doctor that stays in Mexico. He said it was nothing to worry that... READ MORE

Splitting Stitches and Breasts Have a Gap: Am I Bottoming Out? (photo)

I feel like they are gapped and the left breast is bottoming out! Am I right? I'm spitting stitches like crazy too.. Hate that I still have stretch... READ MORE

Is Massaging a Split Muscle Breast Implant Recommended?

I recently got a split-muscle BA on 1/31 and I was curious if massaging is recommended for this type of implant placemen? Since its neither... READ MORE

Will my implants settle and look more natural in the future? I'm 4 days post-op. (photos)

I am 4 days post op, 360/400cc polyurethane high profile round implants, split muscle. I know I am very early but I'm very worried the implants will... READ MORE

Stitches seem to be splitting open and bleeding 2 weeks later. (Photos)

I had alloderm placed in my breast because my skin was too thin and the implant is was showing. Its been two weeks. My stitches seemed fine Thursday.... READ MORE

Can the mules that hold you implants split back open after time, and if so what are the symptoms?

I am 41 I had my saline implants for 15 years today. I was 110lbs when I had them done bit now I'm 160. I had them done at a medical college. They... READ MORE

Breast implant placement - is split muscle technique supposed to completely eliminate animation deformity?

375 CC HP split muscle, 1-yr post-op. When I use my chest muscles the breasts move slightly outward and occasionally 'twitch' or bounce. Line is... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation done 4 days ago. Will my muscles relax and will my breasts appear larger then?

I got gel implants. My doctor did a split muscle technique so they are perky. At 480cc I thought that they would be bigger. I was hoping maybe they... READ MORE

Skin on breast tenderness 12 days post breast augmentation. Is this normal?

I am 12 days post op 365cc split muscle breast augmentation. My breast look great and I am very happy with my results. My question is; the skin on my... READ MORE

3 weeks post op. 400cc hp split muscle. Very very sore nipples 100% of the time. Will this improve?

When will the sore nipple sensation die down? Everything is healing just nicely but any contact on my nipples is excruciating. Sports bra 24hr/7 is... READ MORE

Can you still have "double bubble" with split muscle technique? Just noticed indentation w/ right arm raised, 8 months post-op.

When I raise my right arm there is a definite indent line at bottom of right breast. When my arm is down everything looks normal & not bottomed... READ MORE

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