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Are my Breast Implants Way Too Far Apart? I'm 1 Month PO. (photo)

It's been one month since my breast augmentation procedure. I'm happy with the size and shape, though I would consider going slightly larger.... READ MORE

Are my Implants Placed Too Far Apart? Can This Problem Be Fixed Easily? (photo)

I has 410 cc mentor gel implants placed under the muscle 9 months ago. Now I feel my breasts look ridiculous because they are too far apart. What can... READ MORE

Breasts too Far Apart. 3 Days Post Op, Will They Get Closer Together? (photo)

I had sub muscular breast augmentation 3 days ago, and looking at them i love the shape and size but they seem to far apart will they get closer as i... READ MORE

10 Year Old Saline Implants, One Implant Became Achy And Swollen 2 Days Ago, Normal?

Ten years ago, I had saline implants. I'm thin-skinned and went from A to full B. I had no problems since the surgery. Two days ago one of my... READ MORE

Is There a Way for Me to Have Closer Breasts Without the Aid of a Push Up Bra? (photo)

I'm 1 month PO. I adore my new breasts! I love the size and shape. They are so close to perfection. All I wish is for them to be a wee bit closer... READ MORE

10 Year Old Implants: Too Far Apart and Rippling - Can They be Fixed?

I have 10 yr old saline, under muscle implants. I've nursed three children. If I get them redone, can they make them closer together? They are so... READ MORE

Wide Breast Bone, Breasts Wide Apart, Would a Bigger Implant Help to Have Closer Cleavage?

Hi, I would like to know how can I have closer cleavage with breast implants. Is there something that can be done? Choose a high profile implant?... READ MORE

Are my Implants Too Far Apart? (photo)

I am currently 4 weeks po, after having 420/375 silicone implants to correct tuberous breasts. The right breasts has not dropped yet, and i'm... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Breast Implants That Are Not Widely Spaced?

I want implants that are not widely spaced. How? I am tall 5'9'' with a large rib cage. I wear a 36' bra. I don't care about... READ MORE

Are my Breasts Too Far Apart to Acheive a Good Result? (photo)

Having browsed hundreds of before and after photos the best reults seem to be when breasts are a good shape before surgery. My nipples seem really far... READ MORE

One Breast Smaller and Lower then the Other? (photo)

I had surgery done a month ago, and so far, I am far from happy with the results. They do not look like normal breast. First, they look too far apart,... READ MORE

Will 400 Cc Silicone HP Unders Create a Canyon Effect Between my Breasts? (Photo)

I'm 5'7", 125 lbs. I wear a 32A bra. My surgeon measured me with a BWD just below 12 cm. The Natrelle 400cc silicone HP's match... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Big for Body Frame?

I got my breast done about a year ago, I went from a small A to a small C and at first I didn't even notice but someone pointed out I do not have... READ MORE

Breast Don't Have Nice Shape Also Too Far Apart? (photo)

I had my breast enlargement in September, few months after I had to have revision due to the right breast bottoming out. I am still not happy with my... READ MORE

How Do You Avoid Implants Looking Very Gapped/far Apart from Each Other?

Hi I am seriously considering getting breast enlargement, Im currently and A and am in between choosing a large C or a small D. However, many pictures... READ MORE

Are my Breast Implants Too Far Apart? (photo)

I just had 215 cc of silicone implanted 6 days back. I do know that they take time to settle down and I should not be concerned about them standing... READ MORE

What To Do About Breast Pain 1 Year After Stitching Pocket

I've had my implants for about 6 years, but last year I had stitches added to the breast pockets to make the implants sit closer. Everything... READ MORE

I Have a BWD of 14.5 Confirmed by 3 Different Surgeons. Is an Implant of 12.5 Too Small?

I'm worried that I will have a big gap in the middle of my chest. I am considering going with Mentor 350 Moderate Plus Profile, which has a... READ MORE

Approximately how many CC's is Charlotte McKinney? (Photo)

Charlotte McKinney has everything I want in an augmentation: size, shape, hang, nipple placement, spacing between breasts. . . . I feel like I have... READ MORE

Will They Even Out? Fall into Place? (photo)

I have scoliosis and so my right rib cage is wider than my left. Also my breast tissue is a little less on the right side as well. I got 200 cc under... READ MORE

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