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Are my Breast Implants Way Too Far Apart? I'm 1 Month PO. (photo)

It's been one month since my breast augmentation procedure. I'm happy with the size and shape, though I would consider going slightly larger.... READ MORE

Breasts too Far Apart. 3 Days Post Op, Will They Get Closer Together? (photo)

I had sub muscular breast augmentation 3 days ago, and looking at them i love the shape and size but they seem to far apart will they get closer as i... READ MORE

Are my Implants Placed Too Far Apart? Can This Problem Be Fixed Easily? (photo)

I has 410 cc mentor gel implants placed under the muscle 9 months ago. Now I feel my breasts look ridiculous because they are too far apart. What can... READ MORE

10 Year Old Saline Implants, One Implant Became Achy And Swollen 2 Days Ago, Normal?

Ten years ago, I had saline implants. I'm thin-skinned and went from A to full B. I had no problems since the surgery. Two days ago one of my... READ MORE

Is There a Way for Me to Have Closer Breasts Without the Aid of a Push Up Bra? (photo)

I'm 1 month PO. I adore my new breasts! I love the size and shape. They are so close to perfection. All I wish is for them to be a wee bit closer... READ MORE

10 Year Old Implants: Too Far Apart and Rippling - Can They be Fixed?

I have 10 yr old saline, under muscle implants. I've nursed three children. If I get them redone, can they make them closer together? They are so... READ MORE

Wide Breast Bone, Breasts Wide Apart, Would a Bigger Implant Help to Have Closer Cleavage?

Hi, I would like to know how can I have closer cleavage with breast implants. Is there something that can be done? Choose a high profile implant?... READ MORE

Are my Implants Too Far Apart? (photo)

I am currently 4 weeks po, after having 420/375 silicone implants to correct tuberous breasts. The right breasts has not dropped yet, and i'm... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Breast Implants That Are Not Widely Spaced?

I want implants that are not widely spaced. How? I am tall 5'9'' with a large rib cage. I wear a 36' bra. I don't care about... READ MORE

Are my Breasts Too Far Apart to Acheive a Good Result? (photo)

Having browsed hundreds of before and after photos the best reults seem to be when breasts are a good shape before surgery. My nipples seem really far... READ MORE

One Breast Smaller and Lower then the Other? (photo)

I had surgery done a month ago, and so far, I am far from happy with the results. They do not look like normal breast. First, they look too far apart,... READ MORE

Will 400 Cc Silicone HP Unders Create a Canyon Effect Between my Breasts? (Photo)

I'm 5'7", 125 lbs. I wear a 32A bra. My surgeon measured me with a BWD just below 12 cm. The Natrelle 400cc silicone HP's match... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Big for Body Frame?

I got my breast done about a year ago, I went from a small A to a small C and at first I didn't even notice but someone pointed out I do not have... READ MORE

Breast Don't Have Nice Shape Also Too Far Apart? (photo)

I had my breast enlargement in September, few months after I had to have revision due to the right breast bottoming out. I am still not happy with my... READ MORE

How Do You Avoid Implants Looking Very Gapped/far Apart from Each Other?

Hi I am seriously considering getting breast enlargement, Im currently and A and am in between choosing a large C or a small D. However, many pictures... READ MORE

Are my Breast Implants Too Far Apart? (photo)

I just had 215 cc of silicone implanted 6 days back. I do know that they take time to settle down and I should not be concerned about them standing... READ MORE

What To Do About Breast Pain 1 Year After Stitching Pocket

I've had my implants for about 6 years, but last year I had stitches added to the breast pockets to make the implants sit closer. Everything... READ MORE

I Have a BWD of 14.5 Confirmed by 3 Different Surgeons. Is an Implant of 12.5 Too Small?

I'm worried that I will have a big gap in the middle of my chest. I am considering going with Mentor 350 Moderate Plus Profile, which has a... READ MORE

Will They Even Out? Fall into Place? (photo)

I have scoliosis and so my right rib cage is wider than my left. Also my breast tissue is a little less on the right side as well. I got 200 cc under... READ MORE

Approximately how many CC's is Charlotte McKinney? (Photo)

Charlotte McKinney has everything I want in an augmentation: size, shape, hang, nipple placement, spacing between breasts. . . . I feel like I have... READ MORE

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