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5 months post op, smooth, round, 450cc saline implant. Are my Breast Implants Bottoming Out? (photo)

I am 5mths post op with smooth, round, 450cc saline implants placed underneath muscle. I am worried that my implants might be bottoming out because my... READ MORE

Are 600cc Smooth, Round, Under Muscle Breast Implants Too Much?

I am 28 years old, 6 foot ,36 A, avg weight 160. Can get up to 170. I breast feed two kids and hopefully am done. I have curves in my hips and butt. I... READ MORE

Smooth versus textured Implants: Which is Best?

I am looking at getting a round "gummy bear" implants but don't really understand the difference between a smooth round vs a textured round. A couple... READ MORE

What size should I choose to help me look like my wish pictures? Currently 32A/B (Photo)

I'm 34, breastfed 2 kids, lost all volume in breasts. I'm 5f 7 118 lb, rib cage 28", breast width 12.5. My PS gave me a range of 300-371 cc mod... READ MORE

Did one breast drop and the other didn't? (Photo)

I'm 4 days post op. I know it's very soon, but I can't help but wonder if the reason why there's such a significant difference in size is because one... READ MORE

Are 650cc HP silicone implants the right choice for me? (Photo)

I am 5'8'', 160lbs. My chest wall measures about 12 inches across. I've graded a 1-1.5 with ptsosis. My PS & I feel 650cc HP smooth round implants are... READ MORE

I wanted a more natural look. Will these settle any more? Smooth Round High Profile Gel 325cc, subglandular, 3 wks ago. (Photo)

Does subglandular placement show final results this early? I understand going under the muscle will settle significantly, but don't believe it's the... READ MORE

My doctor put the wrong implants in so what should I do?

I am one week post op and went to my post op appt with my Dr today. I opted to have a breast augmentation 375cc smooth round silicone subpectorial... READ MORE

I was a 32B- weight 107lbs, am 5'2 tall. What size can I expect with 400cc?

I was a 32B- weight 107lbs, am 5'2 tall, got mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Saline 375cc- final fill volume 400cc. What will my bra size be... READ MORE

Are my implants still too high at over 4 months post op? Smooth, round silicone under muscle with inframammary incision (Photo)

They still seem to sit too high. I feel like I have boobs up at my armpits and not much lower pole fullness. I am not happy with the look of lots of... READ MORE

Can Saline Implant Valve Shift and Does Rippling Get Worse over Time?

34yo-450cc, round, smooth, saline, under muscle implants from '04. After having a baby, there's severe rippling. I am thin with little breast tissue... READ MORE

371cc vs 397cc - is it a big difference between the two cc's? (Photo)

Im 5'2 and weight 103lbs. After breastfeed my daughter my breast deflated. I think i am 32aa now. My dr recommend I should get 371cc but I think is a... READ MORE

Do I have capsular contracture? The right implant feels and looks great but the left is high. (Photo)

Okay I'm almost 9 weeks post op I got smooth around saline implant . The right is 500cc and left is 480 cc so the doctor says and my left breast feels... READ MORE

533cc or 575cc Natrelle Moderate Plus Profile (Style 15) Smooth Round

My BWD is 16 and am 5'8". I didn't try the 575 sizer at doc's office cos they didn't have them. I liked the 533 but I read I lose 30+ccs under muscle.... READ MORE

I have very small breasts, should I be concerned about the use of textured vs smooth silicone gel implants??

Here's the issue though: I have very small breasts naturally and also breast fed 3 children (the doctor mentioned that I had the smallest breasts he... READ MORE

Breast Implants in the Armpit?

I like to get SMOOTH ROUND Saline high profile 800cc 850CC 900cc whats the largest size in us ?? can i get it done in the armpit ?? READ MORE

Is this the beginning of a double bubble? I'm 13 months post-op. Smooth round, moderate plus, 325cc. (Photo)

I am 13 months post op of a breast augmentation with smooth round moderate plus 325cc on my left breast I've noticed in the past few day what appears... READ MORE

*UPDATED QUESTION*Overfilled by 100 ccs. I wanted to be a modest C cup, now I don't think I will. (Photo)

*updated previous question* I'm very worried. Just had my ba today saline implants placed under the muscle. After waking up more i read my mentor card... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation not settled/healed after 6 months? (Photo)

I had an under the muscle, smooth, round, moderate profile silicone breast augmentation done through the areola 6 months ago. My right breast is still... READ MORE

What is best for my body frame: 275 cc mod profile or 255 UHP ?

Im currently 20 years old, 5'4, 104lb, 30A and I plan to get a BA on December but I'm having trouble deciding how many cc's I want I'm looking for a... READ MORE

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