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How Long Do I Need to Be off Smoking After Breast Implant Surgery?

I had breast augmentation 24 days ago and I know smoking is VERY important to the healing. I quit 3 weeks prior to sugery, a week before the... READ MORE

Do I Have to Stop Smoking Before Breast Implants?

I am 25 yrs old and a mother to 3 beautiful children. I have breatsfeed all three of them and currently stopped about 2 to 3 weeks ago with my... READ MORE

Breast Implants for a Smoker?

I am 54 years young, in good health, but I do smoke. Can I have breast augmentation? READ MORE

Is 12 Days off Smoking Long Enough for Breast Lift and Implants?

On the day of my surgery, I will be smoke-free for 12 days (cold turkey). Is that long enough for a successful breast implant and breast lift... READ MORE

Am I too underweight to have a breast augmentation and will smoking effect the outcome of my surgery?

I am a 19 yr old girl going overseas to have breast augmentation in 5 days. I weigh 44.5 kg and am 168 cm tall. I tried to quite smoking but have... READ MORE

Breast Implants Second Surgery, Three Months and Half Ago. Does Smoking 3 Cigarette Sticks Affect Outcome of Surgery?

I am non smoker i only smoked in my life for one year and the box lasted two weeks or more. I have smoked three cigarrete sticks, one last week and... READ MORE

Tobacco use and Breast Augmentation concerns. Would using E-cigarette be a good substitute?

So I have been reading a lot about the danger of smoking vs healing after a breast augmentation. Is it the nicotine that is a key factor? Would using... READ MORE

My BA is on Nov 7th! 3 days to go! Sneaking 2-3 cigarettes a day - would I be in danger?

I admit that i'm a smoker and ill have my surgery 3 days from now, 1-3 sticks. Its so hard for me not to smoke, because at the same time im getting... READ MORE

Is there a link between nicotine and capsular contracture with breast implants?

I gave up smoking over a year ago but have been chewing nicotine gum (2mg about 7 a day) and had breast implants 3 weeks ago. I gave up a week before... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with factor v after I got a blood clot. Is it too risky to get Breast implants?

I was diagnosed with factor v after I got a blood clot. My circumstances were crazy, I smoked, was on a long plane ride, and was on yaz. My doctor... READ MORE

How does smoking cigarettes change the way I would prepare for breast enlargement surgery?

Do I need to quit smoking in order to get breasts inlarged? If so how many months prior to surgery do I need to quit? Does it matter? READ MORE

if i have a cigarette or two during the month before surgery for silicone implants, am I at high risk of complications?

I am 25 and the doctor said since im young and not getting a breast lift just implants smoking should be fine but then the staff said i must quit 6... READ MORE

Smoking before breast augmentation? Having local anesthesia.

My PS told me not to smoke two weeks prior. I'm having a really hard time with this. I'm wont be completely under since he does local anesthesia. I'm... READ MORE

8 days post-op breast augmentation and I'm smoking. How dangerous? (Photo)

33 yr old, 8 days post op breast augmentation, petite frame, 350 cc. I am a smoker and have seriously been trying to quit since before my surgery but... READ MORE

Had a lift a year ago. Currently a C cup & ready for implants. Aiming for double or triple D; Is my chest too big? (Photos)

I had a Breast lift a year ago and i didnt achieve the upper fullness i wanted... Im currently a 36C but is that too big to have implants? Would i... READ MORE

Is the tingling in my skin caused from smoking too soon after my breast augmentation surgery?

I quit smoking 2 weeks before my surgery and only smoked 1 cigarette a week for about a month and a half before that, after my surgery I didn't smoke... READ MORE

Gave up/quit smoking, do you think I'll be okay to get Breast Implants?

Hi, I'm from Adelaide. And I only just gave up smoking and my Breast implants are booked in for 3 weeks time. Do you think I'll be okay to still... READ MORE

Another smoking question. How much will it affect me? (Photo)

10 days post op - 455cc unders. I have been quote strict with myself with smoking after surgery however the last 2 days I've smoked a few more... READ MORE

Best breast augmentation incision for smokers? And does the subfascial placement help my avoid an areola lift? (Photo)

Not everyone does the armpit incision but one of the doctors I consulted told me its the ideal incision since Im a smoker. But then wen she saw my... READ MORE

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