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Will my Breast Implants Get Smaller 4 Weeks Post-Op?

I got breast implants 4 weeks ago. I went with 360 ccs, and they look WAY too big. Any chance, will they get smaller? READ MORE

Options for Reducing Breast Implant Size?

I had a breast lift and breast augmentation w/ 375cc implants. I was originally a saggy B but now (7 days post-op) I am mortified at how big they look... READ MORE

What Should I Do when my Breast Implants Appear to Be Getting Smaller?

I had breast implants a year ago, and recently, I have noticed them getting smaller. What should I do or what could be causing this? READ MORE

Saline Breast Implant Reduction

I have Mentor saline implants filled to 375 CC, the procedure done in 2004. I have been quite happy with my breasts and the implants, but lately, as I... READ MORE

Are 370cc Silicone Implants Considered Larger Implants?

Could I wait 6 months and use the same pocket if I wanted to go noticeably smaller. With these implants I am a C/D. I want to be more like a B cup.... READ MORE

Do Smaller Breast Implants Necessarily Mean Less Risks?

Do smaller breast implants necessarily mean less risks? Like less chance of rippling, leaking, longer lasting, less sagging, etc? I want natural... READ MORE

Do Small Implants Look More Natural? I am an A Cup Now.

Hello! I'm getting surgery in a month and I'm not sure about the size yet. My main objective is to obtain the most natural look. I am 170cm,... READ MORE

Why is My Boob Job Getting Smaller?

I had my boobs done about 2 years and 6 months ago it looked perfect, the perfect size. But about 2 months ago ( both boobs) until today I noticed... READ MORE

How Do You Prevent a Woman's Natural Breast Tissue from Falling to the Sides, Away from the Implant, when She Lays Down? (photo)

In both of my prior BA's (unders-saline/silicone), my breast tissue fell to the sides when I lay on my back. I am about to get much smaller form... READ MORE

What Fixes Breast Tissue Atrophy Caused my Implants?

A few months ago I thought that my implants had ruptured because they seemed smaller. Now, after some research, I believe my own breast tissue is... READ MORE

550cc implants used, no cc was agreed only used pictures in pre op. They feel huge, what are my options to go smaller? (Photo)

I stupidly did not discuss the cc size with my doctor but just took pictures of what I wanted. I started as a 32B aiming for a natural looking D. My... READ MORE

How Many Cc's to Get Me to a Full D

I'm 5'4 122lbs. I told my Plastic Surgeon that I wanted to be a Full D,or small DD. He said in order for me to get that , I would need to go... READ MORE

Preventing Bottoming Implants After Breast Replacement and Lift?

I have huge Breast implants, 1000 cc's. I look like a freak and want to have a Breast lift and replace the implants with one that will make me a D or... READ MORE

Can breast implant cause costochondritis? I went form A cup to a D cup, can going smaller relief my pain? (photos)

I got implants 2 years ago and for the past year I have been feeling pain on my chest. My pcp diagnosed me with costochondritis. Before my surgery I... READ MORE

Is there still time for smaller breast to get fuller/change shape, or is this pretty much the size they will be? (photos)

I had textured silicone implants 7 wks ago, 250&275cc. My left breast seems to have filled out and dropped nicely, but my right breast, which is... READ MORE

Is that true that Implant placed under the muscle ends up looking smaller?

I want to do 375cc but I heard if I put 375cc under the mussel I only end up having 325cc? Is that true that when implant goes under the mussel it end... READ MORE

Will My High Breasts Subside Over Time? I Am 9 Days Post Breast Implants.

I Am 9 Day Post -op and I Had 225 Filled to 250 and 225 Filled to 275 Moderate Saline Implants. I Wanted to Be a Small to regular B cup size and I... READ MORE

Drastic decreas in Right Breast Size, After Pregnancy: Is this normal? Do I need new implants? (Photo)

I havent lost any weight to merit such dramatic loss of breast tissue. My child feeds from both breasts. After my first pregnancy my breast looked... READ MORE

Is breast smaller or not dropped? (photos)

About 6 weeks post op. The side that is not as big & higher was originally the breast that never hurt & was dropped more from the get go. As you can... READ MORE

Do I Just Have a Lift or Replace my Current Implants? (photo)

I had augmentation in August of '05 and I went from 34AA to 34D. I have gone up as far as 36DDD down to 36C. I have lost between 30-50 lbs and my... READ MORE

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