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400cc Breast Implants with Lift to Achieve Full C-D Range?

I am 34 years old, 5'5" tall at 128lbs, with 36B breast size. I would like a full C-D range post breast lift and breast augmentation. It is... READ MORE

How Painful Can Breast Lift with Implant Be?

I'm 37 years old. After having baby, I have ended up with loss of volume and loose skin on my breast and flat look. I'm disappointed with my looks... READ MORE

Is There a Limit on How Big of a Breast Implant Can I Go Before It Compromises Skin Elasticity?

My cup size is currently AA. Is there a limit to how big a breast implant can be placed until skin elasticity becomes compromised? In other words,... READ MORE

Breast Implant Size and Skin Tightening After Downsizing Surgery?

I'm petite, 5'2" 103 lbs, and 34 B entire life. I had surgery in Feb 2009 to get back the volume I lost. My breast implants are 350cc mentor mod... READ MORE

Does Breast Implant Replacement Necessarily Have to Be Bigger?

I'm standing 5'3" tall and weighing 112lbs. I had 230cc hydrogel breast implants 10 years ago in  front of the muscle. I went from an AA cup... READ MORE

Will my Breast Tissues Be Over-stretched by the Time I Downsize?

My breast implants are way to large for me. I currently have 400cc high profile implants, and I want to downsize to 250cc moderate. My doctor won't... READ MORE

Considering Implants, but What if Skin on Bottom of Breast is Tight?

I'm considering breast implants with possible lift,I had my consultation the other day, during the physical exam my surgeon mentioned that skin at... READ MORE

6 weeks post-op donut lift with breast implants behind muscle - still droopy. (photos)

I would like to know if breast implant will drop more into lower pole . Spoke with ps and states will have to do lift in six months due to elastic... READ MORE

What Factors Help a Woman Determine the Right Breast Implant Size?

Does skin elasticity, level of physical fitness, age, weight and other factors need to be considered when choosing a breast implant that my body would... READ MORE

Not happy with Breast Augmentation. Trying to respect Dr. decision. (Photos)

I got my BA 2 weeks ago. My surgeon recommended 415 cc hp natrelle under muscle. I wanted to go bigger but he was concerned with over stretching my... READ MORE

Decisions - I want that round, high profile fake look. (photos)

I am 5'6 , 113lbs petite and narrow frame. I am currently a 32a bra size. I am going for a silicone transaxillary (under the armpit) incision. I... READ MORE

With a skin sparing, nipple sparing mastectomy, which shape implant would be better?

With a skin sparing, nipple sparing mastectomy, which implant would provide best success for the procedure - round silicone or anatomical gummy bear. READ MORE

Skin thickening issues. Nipples have not gained color. It's 6 months post op. What do you recommend? (photo)

My doctor look at my breast and said there is nothing he could do about the skin hanging Near the left breast and the thickening of skin around my rip... READ MORE

What shape of implants should I go for? Under/over? Lot of skin above nipples less under, what it means for me? (photo)

I am not really go for anatomical shape ... i looking for big volume on upper pole of my chest. minimum size 550cc. READ MORE

Why does my skin stay lifted between breast while standing and flat laying down? (photo)

I had BAM in October 2016. I'm sitting up and the skin between breast appears tented and I can push it down and it's all right between the breast.... READ MORE

Transaxillary breast augmentation, went out after 2 weeks, danced - hard piece of skin was created behind incisions why? (Photo)

I'm really stressed because they had told me to avoid smoking areas and we did go to a non smoking area but people started smoking a while after. I... READ MORE

My incision is giving me trouble at 7 weeks -- what could be wrong? (Photos)

My left incision has been acting up for a while! Seems like a stitch is trying to push out and can't. But, it's under the skin enough that I can't see... READ MORE

Air bubble in the right breast, 4 weeks post-op, under muscle silicon.

I had my surgery 4 weeks ago under muscle silicon implant 325 cc high profile and now after 4 weeks i experience what seems like air bubbles under the... READ MORE

What are these bumps that I get on my skin after having breast implants? (Photo)

I have breast implants and I get red spots on my skin. They will stay for about 4-7 days and then they disappear READ MORE

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