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I don't NEED augmentation but I want bigger breasts. Are natural looking implants possible for me? (Photo)

I live my volume now & where they sit on my chest but I just want bigger breast. I'm 5'3 125lbs, I wear a 32c and my chest diameter from armpit to... READ MORE

Do I have too much side boob? (photos)

I feel like I have a lot more fullness on the outside of my breast in comparison to the cleavage. I'm wondering if they are going to move more inward... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Tear drop or round gummy bear implants?

I am going back and forth I am 5'2 145 and will be getting a breast lift with implants but I am not sure if I want tear drop or round implants. As... READ MORE

What is the difference between Saline vs gummy bear implants?

I have been honestly searching and reading on the internet for i don't even know how long, so many different things about the saline implants and the... READ MORE

Dr is suggesting 385cc textured round implant. Is textured round silicone Sientra more firm than the smooth silicone Sientra?

Asking on behalf of wife as she is not one to ask questions being timid. Patient 42, 5' 3 113 lbs, 2 children, very active with weights and running.... READ MORE

6 months post surgery and still "riding high." Should I be concerned that implants haven't dropped yet?

I'm concerned that my implants are taking much longer than expected to drop. I had surgery mid december, and I have seem a minimal drop. I still can't... READ MORE

I have narrow chest wall 11cm, 5'10, and 115 lbs. What implants would fit best for me?

I am interested only in Sientra implants. Which fits me the most, I am only 11 cm wide. I am 5'10 and 115lbs. I had consultation today, my PS... READ MORE

I have Sientra Breast Implants mod-plus, 8wks post-op. Is it ok that my doctor didn't give me an implant card after my surgery?

Feel implant,fold,breast wider. Left side feels & shape looks fine. Right side is wider, feel implant softer, & some kind of fold at bottom of... READ MORE

What Would Be The Best Breast Implant For Wide Chest? (photos)

I'm Transgender With Very Little Breast Tissue. My Measurements Are, 40- 41 inches Around My Chest, My Nipples Are 10 Inches Apart I'm Looking To Get... READ MORE

Which Implant will give me a natural look? I don't like round look and thinking to get gummy bear tear drop Implants. (photos)

Will round implant get me this look? I am 5.4, 130lb and I have 34b breast size. Would like to get full C, like 375cc Sientra. READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Breast Implants, my right side feels like there is a lot of liquid. Is this normal?

I had my surgery on May 30th. I went with silicon sientra textured implant. 565ccs. My left boob feels great. My right side feels like there is a lot... READ MORE

I had 425cc sientra submuscular BA 18 days ago. I overused my muscle and have pain in left breast. Why do I have a lump? (Photo)

I felt the muscle strain and it hurts to use my left side. I have pain shooting through my armpit and left breast and have a swollen lump andni dont... READ MORE

Had breast augmentation 4/09/15, 6 days post op and feeling more pain and discomfort then right after augmentation! (photo)

Feeling more pain,tightness and discomfort at 6 days post op,taking muscle relaxers and mild narcotic pain medication and still can't get pain under... READ MORE

What breast implant size and shape would give me the most natural results and achieve an increase from 34A to 34B? (photo)

I am interested in implants but only want a modest increase of one cup size. I am considering Sientra silicone gel implants from 175cc - 200cc and... READ MORE

Breast implant recommendations please! I'm 5'8.5", 130 lbs. My BWD has been measured by 2 dif. PS as 11&11.5cm, 12&12.5 (Photo)

I've breastfed 2 kids for 18 month each, would like a natural look that would still allow me to run and do yoga. Would you recommend I get two... READ MORE

Is it better to use a shaped textured silicone or a smooth round silicone? (photo)

I am wondering now after reading reviews if I went with the right implant. I got sientra textured shaped silicone. Is one better than the other? I am... READ MORE

What is the the difference in silicone implants and gummy bear implants?

I was researching doctor's & on one website I noted a difference between silicone implants & gummy bear implants. I thought that all of the new... READ MORE

What other implant is comparable to Sientra round form stable implants?

My doctor is no longer using Sientra implants in his office and that is the one I really wanted because I like all the benefits, less chance of... READ MORE

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