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What Are Symptoms of Silicone Poisoning from Breast Implants?

I got silicone breast implants over a decade ago, and I have recently become very sick.  The only doctor I've seen so far took a blood sample and... READ MORE

Are Today's Breast Implants Safer Than They Were 15 Years Ago?

I have 15 year old silicone breast implants. Are today’s silicone implants any safer? I have been ill on and off ever since having the implants, but n... READ MORE

Will the New Silicone Implants Make Me Sick? The Old Ones Did...

I had silicone breast implants put in 1985. I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr and Fibromyalgia about a year later. It was not until 1995-I decided... READ MORE

Can I get sick from saline implant rupture? They are 24 y/o. How long can I go before getting them removed without complication?

My breast implants are 24 years old. I know they are saline but that is all I can remember about the procedure. My left breast has deflated or... READ MORE

Why Don't Doctors Listen to Women Who Say Their Breast Implants Made Them Sick?

How can there be so many women claiming they have gotten ill after getting implants and so many doctors saying its not possible? Are these women... READ MORE

Signs of Moldy Impants Infections on Breast Implants? I Have Had Them 7 Years and the Last 6 Months I Have Been Really Sick.

I got my breasts done 7 years ago saline implants under the muscle. They went through my under arm to put them in. The pain now is in my my arm, under... READ MORE

Saline Breast Implants 14 Years Ago?

I had saline breast implants put in 14 years ago, I have had no problems. This past year I have been sick over, and over and over, not even clearing... READ MORE

Can a 40 year silicon breast implant have micro leaks? They gave me an MRI and can't find leakage.

I am very sick & doctors don't understand why. I'm a 76 y/ o female whose had silicon breast implants in 76. I had an MRI to r/o a leak but wonder if... READ MORE

I Have Implants and for the Past 2 Years I Have Slowly Become Weaker and Sicker. Can my Body Reject Implants

I have have had many blood test and other test to figure why i feel like im dying . Then my doctor says it could be my implants cause u cant touch... READ MORE

Medical Opinions On Potential Of Illness from Saline Implants?

You probably of heared this before and might think I'm crazy,but I need to know the truth!I've been doing a lot of research about breast... READ MORE

Can You Help Me?

I have found away of extracting the silicone that has been in my body for 20 yrs now, i have been so ill and scared but no doctor or surgeon will help... READ MORE

Saline Breast Implants 16 Years Ago - Illness?

I was 19 when I had the breast implants and now I am 35 years old, for the past 6 to 7 years I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, check for MS,... READ MORE

Can Capsular Contracture Cause Me to Feel Physically Ill?

I have capsular contracture on the left, Baker Grade IV. Aside from the constant pain and discomfort, plus swelling and hardened mis-shapen breast, I... READ MORE

210cc saline implants filled to 240cc 14yrs under muscle, left side deflating, 'moving around'. If there's no leak, what is it?

3 wks ago I fell asleep with a pushup bra on and woke up in intense pain as I was sleeping rolled over onto my left side. 3 days later I noticed that... READ MORE

Caught a cold 1.5 weeks prior to breast augmentation.

Hello, I started showing cold symptoms 5 days ago (Monday). On my sickest day (Wed.) my tempt. was only 99 degrees w/ productive cough. The nurse... READ MORE

Can saline implants cause illnesses/sickness?

So I am looking into getting saline breast implants in the future but I came accross a story of someone claiming that saline implants cause them to... READ MORE

Can my 20 year old implants be making me sick?

I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos and now fibromyalgia, Also have stomach issues and sore joints with a high inflammation count. I am hearing that... READ MORE

I had silicone Breast Implants removed because I kept getting seromas. Reasons why? I'd like to replace them.

After 11 years of saline breast implants with zero complications, I had them switched out to textured silicone (for softness). Almost immediately I... READ MORE

​Sick for 7 months, can it be related to my silicone gummy bear implants and how will I be sure?

Hello Dr. I have been ill for the past 7months I have been to the Dr and they can not find anything causing me to feel ill in blood tests. They have... READ MORE

I have Lupus which doesn't run in my family history. Could I be sick from my Breast Implants?

I have saline filled implants and want to know if maybe I could be sick from my implants. Possibly bacteria? Implants put in in 2004 transumbilical.... READ MORE

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