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Round Moderate Vs High Profile Implants

I am an extremely small chested athletic type person getting a breast augmentation. I was told by my plastic surgeon that high profile would be the... READ MORE

Does the Shape of Breast Implants Change As They Settle?

I only got my silicone breast implants 5 days ago, so know they shouldn't have dropped yet, but the right one is misshapen at the top. Will that... READ MORE

Strange Nipple Shape

Hi, I am concerned about my left nipple and its irregular shape and protrusion. Just had implants and lift. One nipple is good, the other seems to be... READ MORE

Is This Weird Shape to my Implants Normal?

Clearly the implants are too big for me so I'm wondering if the implant has a weird shape because it is too big to fit me properly or if it's... READ MORE

Can a 800cc saline Implant Be Overfilled to 1200-1500cc to Have a Rounder Shape?

Can a 800cc moderate plus saline implant be overfilled to at least 1200-1500cc for a more round and very firm look ? READ MORE

Rectangular Breasts? Normal? (photo)

I got breast implants on june 25. I was a b and deflated saggy c. I had 475 & 500 cc high profile silicone implants under the muscle. When will... READ MORE

Will Shape Normalize After Bilateral Breast Lateral Capsulorraphy?

I had Bilateral Lateral Capsulorraphy with implant exchange 10 days ago. I was silicone 250cc mod now 300cc Mod Plus profile. To center implants,Dr... READ MORE

What Causes Implants to Change Shape and Get Bulges 2 Years Post-Op? (photo)

I had my implant surgery 1yr9mos ago,i went from A to a D, the implants are Mentor smooth moderate profile saline and are over the muscle(even though... READ MORE

Will my Breast Look More Round As Time Goes By? (photo)

I got BA 2 1/2 weeks ago, i got a hematoma on my left breast and had a second surgery 3 days after my original one. I feel great now but now I'm... READ MORE

Should I Have Breast Augmentration Before or After Kids?

I am 28 years old and am getting married in 5 months. I want to look my best for the wedding and wanted to get them 2 months before. But I plan on... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement After Having a Baby Which Would Be Better and More Natural Looking, Overs/Unders? (photo)

I recently had a baby 7 months ago, prior to my son my breasts where a large C cup, now they are an empty size c. I want a breast enlargement to fill... READ MORE

Saline Breast Implant Placement and Shape for Tubular Breasts?

I am a 20-year-old woman with a mild case of the "tubular" breast deformity. I have the large, puffy areola, but my breasts are not as... READ MORE

I Am Concerned About my Implants. Are They Going to Settle In? Why Do They Appear Saggier then Before Surgery to Me? (photo)

They were so full after surgery and they seem to just be deflating, looking saggy, and they have a weird shape from the side. I am just wondering if... READ MORE

Flat spots under breast implants: will they fill in as my implants drop? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation 3 weeks ago. I am not happy about the shape right now. They are not rounded at the incisions. Will the flat spots... READ MORE

Implants to help shape breasts

I have always disliked the shape and look of my nipples and breasts. I am a 34C right now, would small implants to improve the shape be a good idea? I... READ MORE

Breasts Form Triangle Shape when Bend over

I had my implants done on Jan 15 10, Iam not sure if I need a lift as well because when I bend over I dont like how they look (look like cones,or... READ MORE

Breast Implants After Reduction to Improve Breast Shape?

I had a breast reduction 5 years ago. Before the reduction I wore a 38E bra and I now wear a 38C. I had the breast reduction because, being a previous... READ MORE

Why don't my implants look like 800cc ultra high profile implants? Why are they cone shape? (Photo)

I just got out of surgery and the shape of my boob didn't change they are still very cony but my nipples did move to the middle.but why r my boobs... READ MORE

What is the Best Implant Shape For My Case? A To D Cup Desired.

I am a small saggy A cup, grade 1 or 2. I am going to get implants next week, and I want my breasts to look like a cup from the side. Teardrop... READ MORE

Is there still time for smaller breast to get fuller/change shape, or is this pretty much the size they will be? (photos)

I had textured silicone implants 7 wks ago, 250&275cc. My left breast seems to have filled out and dropped nicely, but my right breast, which is... READ MORE

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