Sensitivity + Breast Implants

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8 Days Post-op Breast Implants, Left Breast Feels Different?

Originally a 34B cup and had 420cc saline smooth high profile under the muscle implants. Both breast are still very high and tight however the left is... READ MORE

After 7 Years I Feel Like my Body is Rejecting the Implants, is This Possible?

Over the past 2 months I have had a niggling pain in the one spot of my right breast which would come and go. Then about 2 weeks ago my breasts felt... READ MORE

My Right Nipple Became Very Sensitive 9 Months Post-Op Implants, What is the Problem?

I am 30.I have got silicone implants 9 months ago.4 weeks ago,my right nipple became very sensitive like my nipple was sore or cracked from... READ MORE

Burning Pain After Breast Implant Replacement

I had my 20 yr silicone implants removed due to swelling of one breast. MRI showed no rupture. Surgery was suggested. I had a torn chest cavity that... READ MORE

It is Normal to Feel Like You Are Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery?

1 month after breast lift with implants, it feels like i am breastfeeding, i feel the same sensation as if my milk was coming, is this normal, and... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants 19 Months Ago They Have Always Hurt They Cant Be Touched at All, Why is This?

I had breast augmentation 19 months ago. They have always hurt and cant be touched. I went to my surgeon in the early days who said they were fine... READ MORE

If I Have a Breast Implant That Has Moved, Does It Need to Be Replaced Immediately?

I have had my (small-med sized) saline implants for 17 years now, with no complications. Last year, I noticed an increase in nipple sensitivity and a... READ MORE

Extremely sensitive to touch the under part of my breast, 5 days post op. The pressure is almost unbearable when I stand.

Received a breast augmentation Sept 29, 2014...I am on day 5 of recovery. I got 500 cc gummy implant under the muscle through my armpit. I feel... READ MORE

How can you tell a silicone implant is leaking and what are the health consequences of a leaking implant?

I've had implants for approximately five years now. The shape is the same however my right breast feels slightly softer and more sensitive than the... READ MORE

Implant Query?

Hi, I had my implants replaced under the skin 2.5 weeks ago. I've suffered with a lot of pain most recently on the top part of the breasts, sort of... READ MORE

Bottomed out or Infection?

I am 4 weeks post op and have been having pain on L breast. First noticed L breast drop, consulted with nurse at my PS and she assured it was ok. Pain... READ MORE

Is it okay to still wear a sports bra post breast implant surgery?

I got breast implant and Is it okay to still wear a sports bra while my wound is not fully heal? I start to wear sports bra after i take off my... READ MORE

Why am I having pain 3 weeks after breast augmentation?

I got my breast augmentation done 3 weeks ago. Left breast have no pain at all. Right Brest being hurting for 2 weeks and now it is more like hiper... READ MORE

Hi I'd like an opinion on whether my left breast implant has bottomed out? (Photo)

I had my first child 6 months ago and have noticed a difference since then. I also have the sensation like I can feel the implant in there (not with... READ MORE

What is wrong with my silicone implant? Right breast (Photo)

I am two weeks post op and my nipples and breast have been more sensitive than usual. Could it be because of the skin stretching over the implants? My... READ MORE

Do you think a beast lift is necessary if I get implants? how often are there negative results and would would they be? (photo)

I am considering implants, I want them to look natural but full. I was told that a lift will be necessary for them to look good. The thought of... READ MORE

Rubbing sensation accompanied by noise. Submuscular (Photo)

9 days post silicone .dominate side ( my right) started feeling a rubbing sensation with noise when I move .bend and ... READ MORE

Could it my implant be snapped and could I be pregnant ??

I think my implant could be snapped because it bends in the middle but stick out at both ends and I've been having regular bleeding for over 2 month... READ MORE

Still sensitive on lower part of both breast 7 weeks post op ba, 350cc under the muscle, crease incision. Is this normal?

I'm still sensitive on the lower part of both breast, not painful just a little numb and sensitive to touch. Massaging helps. Is this because of the... READ MORE

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