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Will Nipple and Breast Numbness After Breast Implants Go Away?

I had breast augmentation 2 weeks ago, and my nipples and a large part of my breasts are numb. Is this normal, and will it go away? I started as a... READ MORE

Nerve regeneration after breast augmentation. What is the likelihood of a full recovery? How long will it take?

I have read several answers about breast/nipple sensation being temporarily or permanently disrupted on real self. I had 300cc saline unders through... READ MORE

Loss of Feeling 13 Years After Breast Implants? (photo)

13 years ago I had a breast augmentation. 350 cc's, under the muscle and through the areola. Following surgery, I had total loss of sensation in both... READ MORE

Breastfeeding Despite Sensation Loss?

If you lose a moderate sensation after breast augmentation, will that lessen your chances of breastfeeding? READ MORE

Wondering About Final Bra Cup Size and Sensory Return to Nipples/areola? (photo)

I have 339cc Natrelle silicone implants wondering after the swelling what cup size will I probably fit into? I have also lost a lot of sensory in my... READ MORE

I am confused about which nerves control areola contraction. Are they different to the nerves that control sensation?

I am confused about which nerves control areola contraction, are they different to the nerves that control sensation? My right areola only gets hard... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for inverted nipple correction with BA and is there loss of nipple sensation?

I am 5'2 117 lbs and have 34 AA/B breast with inverted nipples I want 375cc implants. Im looking to have my surgery in South Carolina who is some... READ MORE

I Can Feel Soreness in my Nipples Now. Is This a Sign That Normal Feeling Will Return To Nipples?

I had my breast implant before and its been 1 yr from now and at the first month after my surgery i just touch my nipple and i cant feel any sensation... READ MORE

Is my Loss of Sensation Dangerous?

I am 22years old and I had breast implants 1 year ago going from 32AA to 32B/C. Although they turned out perfectly I lost sensation in my right nipple... READ MORE

I have had breast implants for nearly 2.5 years size 300 placed under the muscle. Should I have them removed?

I have experience extreme numbing including pain if squeezed. I also experience a jumping movement of the implant in both breasts when I exercise and... READ MORE

Nerve damage after breast impants still 2 years after surgery. Will this ever go away?

I had breast implants put in 2 years ago and lost feeling and had pain straight after my operation in my left breast i have nerve damage, it causes me... READ MORE

Breast implant "bottoming out", what does that mean?

Hello Doctor, What does it mean "bottoming out" when it comes to breast implant . I'm an debating between inserting through nipple or under the... READ MORE

Loss of nipple sensation?

I am almost at 6 weeks post op and still have no sensation back. Could that mean that I've lost it for good? I got saline over the muscle, unders. I... READ MORE

Regarding breast augmentation: In an ideal world I would like to end up DD or a little larger starting from 36b.

My concerns with implants are losing feeling and general anesthesia.... fat transfer would reduce those two concerns, however with this being such a... READ MORE

Is there a good possibility that my sensation in my breast will return if it feels painful, but not pleasurable? (Photo)

When brushing across the nipple the nipple erects but it is not a pleasurable sensation more painful but not so painful to stop. If that makes any... READ MORE

Breast augmentation numbness: 2 months post-op? (Photo)

In a couple days I'll be coming up on 2 months post op. Pre-op, I was a 32b, went with 300/350cc saline and am a D cup. I am 5'6 120 lbs. I have full... READ MORE

Almost permanent cold breasts. Just started 3 years after implants and pregnancy, what could be the cause?

I had a implants just under 3 years ago, unluckly I lost 70% of the feeling in the nipple, underside and outer sides of breast which never returned... READ MORE

7 yrs post op, my left breast is itchy. What can be the cause?

Hi there 7 years ago I had saline implants inserted. Since both breasts have lost all sensation. Tonight I have experienced extreme itching in the... READ MORE

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