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How Soon Can I Have a Revision Surgery After Breast Implants?

I just got 550cc implants and i hate them! im 5'7 140 pounds my band size is 36. How soon can i get them redone? READ MORE

Breast Implants Under the Muscle After Having Them over the Muscle

I am thinking about having my breast implants done after having them for about 15 years. As my implants have aged (and I have aged!) my saline... READ MORE

Can You Use the Same Incision to Increase Breast Size?

If a primary breast augmentation is done through the armpit, can a second surgery to increase size be done through the same incision site of the armpit? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Again After MRSA is Treated?

I just found out that I have MRSA in both breasts after having breast implants 2 weeks ago. The doctor has been treating me for an infection since the... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants Again After I Had Extrusion?

Can i get implants again after i had one of my implants extrusion and does that mean my body rejected the implant? READ MORE

My Second Surgery, Am I Bottoming Out Again? (photo)

This is my second surgery. My PS told me that she had to re create the pocket in my breast because it was damaged from the first implant that was just... READ MORE

Will performing another breast augmentation bring my breasts closer for a better cleavage? (Photos)

BA was performed at end of Jan - left is 280, the right 295 - both cohesive gel, tear drop + under the muscle with no complications. Breasts were A... READ MORE

2 Nd BA and Still Not Happy? (photo)

I had my breast enlargement in September, few months after had to have revision surgery on right breast as it had dropped. I am not happy with the... READ MORE

I'm Having Severe Pain and Tightness in my Right Implant. My Surgery Was 5 Years Ago?

I had my original augmentation 10 years ago but because of clots I've had to have them done 3 times. My last surgery was 5 years ago and now I have... READ MORE

Is It Natural for Breast to Grow Back After a Breast Reduction?

I am a white female age 54. I weigh 130lb, 5'6" tall and wear size 5 pants. 14 years ago I had a breast reduction. I was a 34DD then and went down to... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Happened Again

In 2003 I had BA done. within 6 months developed hardening on rt breast. In 2005 the breast got harder so I got capsulectomy. Lt breast dropping alot... READ MORE

Would you recommend getting a second breast augmentation when the first implants were removed?

A year and a half ago I got implants and three months after had to get them removed because one of them did not heal properly. Would you recommend for... READ MORE

I had my second breast augmentation about 3 years ago and been having some pain on my right breast. Any suggestions?

I had my second breast augmentation about 3 years ago, since they were saggy. I've been doing exercise (walking, toning no weights) but about 3 weeks... READ MORE

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