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1-yr Post Op Lift w/Implants. Poor Results. Revision but Scared of 2nd Capsular Contracture

I'm scheduled for a revision next month. My lift with silicone implants subglandual resulted with severe capsular contracture on left breast. Dr... READ MORE

I'm getting breast implant and I'm scared to die and I have children. Is it normal to feel this way?

I'm finally getting my breast done. It's a dream come true for me but... I'm so scared I might die and I have children. Im scared to be put to sleep.... READ MORE

I'm so scared of general anesthesia! For breast implant surgery

I'm not scared of the after pain or the recovery I'm not concerned about that AT ALL. & $$ is definitely not a issue. The only one thing holding me... READ MORE

8 months post op. I am scared I am getting a "Double Bubble" (Photo)

I am now 8 months post op. And just seen this about a week ago. I do go to my PS next week about this but it's bothering me. I can tell a difference... READ MORE

Local anesthesia for breast implant surgery? (Photo)

So I really want to get breast implant surgery BUT I'm too TOO scared of general anesthesia. So honestly I'm honestly Turing to local anesthesia, I... READ MORE

Is this ripped stitches or an infection? (Photo)

Just peeled the tape off of my incision area where the stitches are still healing. I am a week post op. I saw that part of my stitches had ripped and... READ MORE

Breast solution? Can I get implants without a lift? (Photos)

Im 34 yrs with 3 kids and breastfeed for 2 yrs one of them, just wondering what would be the best solution to get a nice firm and bigger breast. I'm... READ MORE

My girls are kind of scaring me? (Photo)

Two weeks ago my left breast was bigger then my right now that I'm going on my 4 week my right look bigger then my left my doc say is normal that I... READ MORE

Are 500cc breast implants too big for my frame?

I am 5ft 2". 115 lbs on my pre-op I decided to change the number of cc's from 500 to 450 cc . My doctor said that there is no difference and I should... READ MORE

Fat transfer or implant, anatomical or round? (Photos)

Hello I'm 27 years old I thing gravity and excess of excersice killed my boobs, so I want to make them look pretty again, I wanted to transfer some... READ MORE

3 years after doing my boobs in Mexico. My left one looks like it what's to flip? Scared

My boob implant on the left side looks and feels it wants to flip and they both move why to much I really don't know if it just came out the pocket... READ MORE

Should I gain weight in order to have a better natural look for my breast implants? (Photos)

I'm so scary about my breast getting stretchmarks or looking too fake because I do not have enough breast tissue. I'm 5feet and 6 inches with 108... READ MORE

Bottomed out or capsular contracture? (Photos)

I am 6 months post op as you can tell my boobs are 2 totally different shapes there the same size just proportioned diffrent the doctor thinks it's... READ MORE

Muscle flex deformity? How can I fix this? (Photos)

I've had 525cc HP silicon implantes for 6 months post-op. As you can see my left breast looks more deformed when I'm flexed than my right. How... READ MORE

4 weeks post op; is it too late to wear a breast band to move implants down? (Photos)

I am 4 weeks post breast aug and although the swelling has gone down my implants havent shifted down at all! I had 475cc round hp silicon placed below... READ MORE

Are 265 / 285cc round moderate implants to small?

I am 5'2 and 105 ibs, and my breast are 12cm wide. The doctor said the implant base has to be of 12cm otherwise he would have to cut my nerves, which... READ MORE

Scared of going too big; what's the best size for a petite frame? 225cc or 275cc?

I'm 5,4, 8st 4lbs, my bwd is 11.5 & my waist measurement just under my bust is 28in. In my consultation I've tried sizers from 225,250,275cc mod... READ MORE

650 cc silicone implants, do they look normal? I'm scared I went too big. (photo)

My surgeon did not inform me of the problems going this big could have and now I'm scared that I'm stuck with a lifetime of problems. I need advise on... READ MORE

M right boob creases under my armpit and the left one doesn't. Is that normal? (Photo)

I'm 22 , weigh 124 and went with silicone 415cc. I'm 8 days post op and my right boob seem to have a weird crease while my left one doesn't. Should I... READ MORE

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