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Breast Implant Scars

I want larger breasts but I'm afraid that the scars will be obvious when I wear a swimsuit. Where and how big would the scars be if I got breast... READ MORE

How Painful Can Breast Lift with Implant Be?

I'm 37 years old. After having baby, I have ended up with loss of volume and loose skin on my breast and flat look. I'm disappointed with my looks... READ MORE

How Long Before the Lumpiness Behind the Scar Line Goes Down?

Hello, I had breast surgery 2 weeks ago and the scar line is very neat however it is very lumpy behind the scar inside the breast. Is this just... READ MORE

Two weeks post op and my scar is becoming very hard.

I am two weeks post op of a breast augmentation and I received my incision under the breast in the breast fold. I was feeling my incision today and it... READ MORE

Post Breast Lift/Implant. When Can I Wear Underwire Bra, and the Most Effective Treatment for Scars?

I had a full lift with implants when is it ok to wear a underwire bra and also and what has been found to be the most effective product or treatment... READ MORE

Where Will I Have Scars After Breast Enhancement Surgery?

I want breast implants, but I don't want obvious scars.  Do I have a choice regarding where the incisions are made? READ MORE

When I Touch my Scars Why Does It Feel Like There is Something Tough Under my Skin Just Around Scarline? (photo)

Hi, I've had my surgery 2,5 months ago. It is 225cc both and under the muscle. I have problems with my scars. My scars are below my breast. Everthing... READ MORE

Shouldn't my Scars Be Nearly Invisible a Year After (Under the Crease) Breast Implant Surgery? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation surgery about a year ago, under the crease. I feel like my scars are not getting any better, they are thick and reddish... READ MORE

Breast Implants Incision Types

I'm scheduled to have both tummy tuck and breasts enhancement (incision under boobs) in 2 weeks. Instead of having the incision on the skin. Can... READ MORE

23yr Old Mom, Extreme Breast and Abdominal Sagging, Following 50+lbs Weight Loss.

I am 23years old mom of 2, 5'6", 155-160lbs. My breasts went from 34C to 44DD(engorgement) to now a 38B. They are very soft, with no... READ MORE

Correction to Tubular Breasts Without Areola Reduction

If mild case of tubular breast, without need of a lift. I want implants (small, like 250 CC) and internal incisions to correct the tubular deformity,... READ MORE

Correction of Moderate Breast Ptosis

I am a 48 years, 5'4" and 140 lbs. I had one child and breastfed. I want to improve the sagging and increase volume of of my breast but wish... READ MORE

Are 360cc's the Highest Saline Breast Implant Available?

I was inquiring about Saline Breast Implants. Is 360cc's the highest you can have? I'm looking to have a revison because of one side of my implant is... READ MORE

Are my Breast Implant Scars Abnormal?

I'm two weeks post-op from gel breast implants. Inframammary incision. Also had abdominal, hip and thigh lipo. Breast incisions healing nicely,... READ MORE

Breast Implants Without Going Up in Size?

My current size is 36D. I'm unhappy with the moderate amount of sagging and loss of firmness. My question is, can I get small breast implants instead... READ MORE

Why does my scar still look bruised? (photo)

I had surgery 10 months ago, the scar under my right breast still looks bruised / purplish blue how long will this take to fade? The left side has... READ MORE

Shadow from Old Nipple Location Remains After Breast Lift with Implants?

I had a breast lift and implants (213 cc) implanted one and a half years ago and the scar runs around my nipple downward. As you can see, my nipple... READ MORE

Two months post op breast augmentation. Left breast is still high and nipple is smaller than the right. (Photo)

I just hit exactly two months post op. I have 350cc silicone underneath the muscle. I've always noticed that the left breast is taking longer to drop... READ MORE

My implants are sitting too high still at 9 weeks, Snoopy deformity. Will this fix itself?

I'm at about 9 weeks post op for breast augmentation. My implants are Natrelle Style 15 158cc and 176cc (small implants) and right now my nipples are... READ MORE

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