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Signs of Leaking Breast Implants

I've had my breast implants for about 4 years.  When I lie down my implants sometimes feel like a misshapen, hard lump.  I can also feel the... READ MORE

How Long Can Ruptured Saline Implants Stay in my Body?

My right saline implant ruptured or had a slight leak some time ago. I had my surgery 8 years ago, and my surgeon is in another state some 2000 miles... READ MORE

How Do You Know when There is a Rupture with Silicone Implants?

At my consultation, I felt both saline and silicone and as soon as I touched the silicone, I was sold on getting HP silicone implants. From watching... READ MORE

How Hard Can You Squeeze Silicone Gel Implants Without Causing Rupture?

I have silicone gel breast implants placed over the muscle and am very paranoid about my husband squeezing them to hard and causing them to break. Can... READ MORE

Ruptured Implant and Silicone in Lymph Node

Should ruptured silicone implants in the lymph nodes be removed as soon as possible? Can the implants be replaced? Some doctors say the silicone isn't... READ MORE

Do Leaking Silicone Implants Cause Problems in Your Joints?

My silicone implants are leeking and I'm having a lot of problems with my joints (knees, shoulders, ankles, hips). I was told it was from the... READ MORE

Can a Mammogram Rupture a Silicone Gel Implant?

I have silicone gel implants and I'm worried about future mammograms causing silent ruptures. My implants will be 16 years-old by the time I get... READ MORE

Natrelle Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants: if Ruptured Do They Cause Any Harm to the Surrounding Tissue?

I had a consult with a plastic surgeon (certified) recently. I went in pretty set on saline because of the lower price and for the piece of mind if... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if my Silicone Implant Has Ruptured?

I got silicone implants six months ago. 5 days ago my friend threw me over his shoulder, as a fireman would, and I remember my left breast smashing so... READ MORE

How dangerous are gummy bear implants for the health?

I am considering breast implants and scared of the possible health risks connected to gummy bear implants. Also, I am concerned about the expenses... READ MORE

Allergy Due to Ruptured Silicone Breast Implants?

I've had Silicone breast implants for two years, unfortunately as shown in the MRI, one is ruptured and the other one is leaking. I already saw a... READ MORE

How Long Before Silicone Implants Risk Leakage?

How long can you leave silicone breast implants in before they risk leakage?  Mine are 13 years old and I'm worried that they may start to leak soon. READ MORE

Detecting Ruptured Saline Breast Implants

How long would it take to know if I ruptured my saline breast implant from a traumatic impact accident? I feel like it is softer than the uninjured... READ MORE

Breast Explant and Reimplant Under or over Muscle?

24 years no scar tissue problems, currently placed on top of muscle. Both silicone implants are ruptured. I have very little breast tissue of my own.... READ MORE

Silicone Nodules in Armpit from Ruptured Implant

I have silicone nodules still in my armpit. I recently had seven nodules and two lymph nodes out, and now several more now in my armpit! Who should I... READ MORE

Lump and Dent Signs of Leaking Breast Implants?

I had Breast Augmentation done in 04. I wanted silicone under the muscle to correct sagging & rippling from previous above the muscle saline 350cc... READ MORE

Could I Have Ruptured a Breast Implant Following Pneumonia? Experiencing Burning And Sharp Pain.

My breast implants are 11 years old. For the past 5 weeks I have had pneumonia in both lungs with blunting at the left costophrenic angle on x-ray.... READ MORE

Ruptured Breast Implant: Test to Locate Silicone?

I have had a ruptured Silicone Breast Implant for several years. I got the implants in 1979 and haven't had any problems with them until I changed... READ MORE

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