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Round Moderate Vs High Profile Implants

I am an extremely small chested athletic type person getting a breast augmentation. I was told by my plastic surgeon that high profile would be the... READ MORE

6 months post surgery and still "riding high." Should I be concerned that implants haven't dropped yet?

I'm concerned that my implants are taking much longer than expected to drop. I had surgery mid december, and I have seem a minimal drop. I still can't... READ MORE

Trouble with Breast Implants? (photo)

I have 390 round mod implants over the muscle, together with a breast lift 1 year ago, 6 weeks ago I did removed a capsule in my left breast. Now the... READ MORE

Unhappy with my implants, too small! 255cc round mod. 1 week post op. What do I do? (Photos)

At first my ps suggested 200cc but I pushed for 255. He made it seem like this was so big so I was scared of them being huge! Now I'm so unhappy with... READ MORE

Do they still make the allergan smooth round moderate profile style 10 and are they available in Canada?

Do they still make the allergan smooth round moderate profile style 10 and are they available in Canada? If so what are the dimensions? My doctor said... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me what shape is this? (photos)

Is this a teardrop implant or round moderate ? I show this to my dr and he told me this look like a teardrop implant. I heard some negative things... READ MORE

Are 265 / 285cc round moderate implants to small?

I am 5'2 and 105 ibs, and my breast are 12cm wide. The doctor said the implant base has to be of 12cm otherwise he would have to cut my nerves, which... READ MORE

Only one of my breasts has dropped. Had my BA 12/16/16 w/450cc mentor memory gel smooth round moderate plus implants. (Photos)

My Dr said to wear nothing binding right after surgery but tank top would be ok for support. I went back for my 6th wk f/u and my lft breast looked... READ MORE

Bony chest, narrow width, am I being unrealistic in my 'goal breast'? Please help! (photos)

Hi, please see image of my goal, vs other which i find too small. I'm 35y,5'6" tall,110 lbs, band width 27.5 inches;BWD approx 11-12cm, bony... READ MORE

Will 385cc be large enough? Do round textured implants feel hard in women with nature breast tissue? I'm 5'10 135lbs (Photos)

Do round textured implants have a higher risk of not dropping into place? Will 385cc be enough to achive a full C-D and would 450cc be too much? Do... READ MORE

Is Mentor siltex round moderate plus or Natrelle Inspira Moderate Projection the best choice for prevent breast rippling?

I'm a 70a and very thin body. I'm choosing between Mentor siltex Cohesive II moderate plus (275cc) and Natrelle Inspira TSM (275g) with focus on... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks after surgery and my breasts looks so different. Size and shape. Will they get more even with time passing? (photos)

I have round moderate plus profile gel tekstured implants. 300 ml left, 325 ml right. I've started with huge asymmetry, but my surgeon said that with... READ MORE

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