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Do Tear Drop Implants Rotate?

I'm a petite A cup, I'm trying to get fat transfer first to get more breast tissue and a better basis for implants. tear drop shaped implants... READ MORE

Rotated Anatomical Breast Implant?

Before surgery I did not have any asymmetry with my breasts. Right after surgery I noticed that my right breast sat much higher and was more swollen... READ MORE

Breast Implant Rotation

It seams both my left and right are rotating,iv had anatomic implants.My sergeon says i might have to have round ones,but will i have to pay for this?... READ MORE

What Does It Feel Like when Your Implant is Dislodged or Rotated

I am 13 days post op breast implants under the muscle teardrop 290g. It feels like my left implant is dislodge there is pressure on one side and if i... READ MORE

Should I Get Teardrop Implants? Afraid They Could Rotate At Anytime?

I am going for a more natural look and have a slight tuberous shaped breast. i am only taking on a 330 cc implant. but am worried that after recovery... READ MORE

How Can a Breast Implant Keep Turning After 8 Years Post-op?

The seams of the breast implants were always under my breast but now the seam to my right breast moved directly under my nipple. READ MORE

Did my Anatomical Implant Temporarily Displace?

I'm 3 months post opp w/anatomicals. Today I wore a push up bra all day. I've worn push up bras for some time, but not all day. About 11 hours into... READ MORE

Are round or anatomical implants best for subfascial placement?

After researching quite a bit I'm almost positive it would be best for me to choose a subfascial placement. However, has it been established in... READ MORE

Implant rotation or something else? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post BA with textured anatomicals (MemoryShape 260cc) placed under the muscle (dual plane 1). My left breast looks great but my right... READ MORE

Left Anatomical Implant Rotates

My left anatomical (textured, silicone) implant I first noticed it rotate 3 months ago when I slept on my side all night and since then it has started... READ MORE

What are the possibility of the under the muscle tear drop implants rotating?

Went to my consultation and the doctor recommended under the muscle tear drop implants. I am an A cup wanting to be somewhere between a B/C cup. I am... READ MORE

Why are so many PS's unwilling to work with teardrop shaped implants? What is the actual risk of rotation?

The doctor I'm seeing in a couple of weeks does work with them, but why are so many PS's on here so against them? For those of you who do work with... READ MORE

Knot feeling inside boob moves when I lean over - normal?

Had a knot feeling inside my boob for awhile. Felt like a ball pushing into me under my boob when I leaned forward or like my implant was put in... READ MORE

Could my implant be rotating? (Photo)

I have 295 tear drop nuance over the muscle poly tech polyurethane foam covered silicone implants that are 2 weeks old. My left Breast ( right... READ MORE

Teardrop implants occasionally rotate, what is the risk of putting new teardrop implants in?

3 years ago I had teardrop implants put in and a few months ago noticed that the right implant felt like it had come out of place, it is now happening... READ MORE

Someone squeezed me and picked me up 2 weeks post-op (breast aug). Could my implant have been rotated?

I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a while so when he saw me, he kind of squeezed me and picked me up. (Mind you, i was still in pain, and now i am... READ MORE

Have my implant rotated and how would they be sorted? (photos)

I think my implant has roasted one is perfect the other seems it's witdth is larger and the breast length ways is smaller I had an appointment with my... READ MORE

Is the risk of implant rotation or displacement limited to the first few weeks? Or can it happen even years after the operation?

Is the risk of implant rotation or displacement limited to the first few weeks? Or can it happen even years after the operation? My surgeon recommends... READ MORE

My implants rotate and I want a scar revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got 350 cc silicone implants last September. They ripple and move around, especially in the shower. I also have scarring in my areola and my back... READ MORE

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