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What is the Breast Implant Rice Test?

I saw "rice test" mentioned when considering the right breast implants. I have never heard of this and Googling it doesn't give me the... READ MORE

How accurate is the rice test?

My surgery is less than 6 days away. After 4 pregnancies and breast feeding them all I've opted for the 400 cc moderate plus silicone. I'm a 34A now.... READ MORE

I Am Wanting 550 or 600cc Breast Implants, is That Too Big for my Frame?

I am 33 years old, 5'6", 155lbs, small 36C....had 1 child, breast feed and lost volume. I had a consult and decided to do silicone implants... READ MORE

Opinion on size? (Photo)

This is a 350 and I was hoping for an unbiased opinion if it looks too big? Thanks! READ MORE

How accurate are rice sizers?

Made rice sizers using 1&1/2 C rice (360 cc's) and put them in a sports bra. Not sure what kind of profile they resemble closest? Moderate? I am... READ MORE

How do I know what size cup to use for the rice test?

So confused.. And only two weeks till my operation.... I have chosen to go with 600cc implants and feel confident with the look it gives me when I... READ MORE

I am 5'5" 125 and am thinking 415 cc's or a full c/small D gummy bears. Do you believe in rice sizers' accuracy? (Photo)

I have to move in mid October and am worried if I have surgery August 11, that I won't be totally healed in time to do any lifting. I am very healthy... READ MORE

How accurate are rice sizers?

I have been trying on rice sizers at home and have really found myself liking the 500cc sizers but I'm wondering how accurate this number is? I'very... READ MORE

5'9, 153lbs. Getting cold feet, is 500cc too much for my BA? (photos)

I'm scheduled for my BA procedure in April. I have to determine my final implant size, and my PS recommended 450, 475, or 500 to obtain the look I... READ MORE

What actual size implants should I get if I like my bean/rice sizer? (Photo)

I tried on several at-home sizers, and I love the 500cc bean sizer look. I've read a lot on how the bean sizers are actually smaller than the implant... READ MORE

Will rice testers work with someone who's a D-DD looking to firm up and go bigger?

I am 5"3' 160lbs I hav d-dd brests depending on the time of the month and bra. After 2 children and breastfeeding they went from a nice full perky d... READ MORE

Question about rice test and real implants.

I am getting silicone implants. Initial thoughts 480-500cc. I tried in the inserts with their sports bra and it looked like I could go up to 550 and... READ MORE

I've been directed by my consultant to try out 140g rice or 175g as it's between these two sizes. How accurate is the rice test?

My first questions is, what is this measurement in cc? Secondly, I really like the bigger one (175g) but I'm scared it won't turn out similar size and... READ MORE

How accurate are rice sizers compared to actual sizing implants?

I see my PS in 1 week for a consult. I attempted to make my own rice sizers at home to go in with an idea of what I want. My husband is wanting me at... READ MORE

Waiting for my op not sure how big to go when trying on 450cc w sports bra was happy but rice sizes make me really big. (photo)

I have just gone for an examination for my breast enlargement on 11 June . The surgeon told Me that 450 is really big and I said 425 then he said not... READ MORE

Is 296cc too small?

I'm 5-4 medium frame 132 lbs. I did the rice test and even though I know it's not completely accurate, I tried 350cc measurements and it seemed way... READ MORE

I have a consult in March, I've been making rice sizers and 480cc seems to be what I'm looking for, is it too big for my frame?

I'm 5'2, 95lb and 32aa. 480cc is the look in a rice sizer I'm looking for but anyone around my size on realself seem to get smaller cc's. I've tried... READ MORE

Implant sizing - Rice test and sizers not accurate? (photo)

In trying to pick implant sizing, the 350 sizers felt huge on me. I preferred the look of the 200-250 but the doctor believes that 350-400 is better... READ MORE

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