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Capsular Contracture at 3 Weeks Post-Op - PS Recommends I Lift Weights

I'M ONLY 4 WKS POSTOP w/CC. If possible, I would rate this CC a 6-7 on the Baker Scale. Extremely painful, but always figured from being placed... READ MORE

3 Months Post Breast Implants: Right Breast May Have Double Bubble

I am three months post OP. I have 275 silicone implants on the right and 234 on the left. They are under the muscle. My right breast feels weird and... READ MORE

Redo Implants to Fix Wrinkles/Rippling?

Have Mentor round moderate saline implants 325 filled to 375. I'm 5'7", 123.6 lbs, lean, not much dense breast tissue, thin skin.... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Breast Implant Results

I had a breast augmentation 3 months ago, 350cc filled to 400cc (Saline) under the muscle. My right breast was larger to begin with, so my surgeon did... READ MORE

Bottoming out or Capsular Contracture After Revision?

105lbs 5"5'. First BA in April of 07' I had elected to go with 350cc saline through the belly button, the results were beautiful for about 8... READ MORE

My Breast Implants Are Uneven After 3 Months, Do I Need a Revision? (Photos)

I am extremely upset. I had a BA back in June 21, 2011. It is over 3 months today. I had under the muscle, mentor,smooth saline, 525 cc. The left one... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have a Revision Surgery After Breast Implants?

I just got 550cc implants and i hate them! im 5'7 140 pounds my band size is 36. How soon can i get them redone? READ MORE

Is 600-650cc Breast Implant Too Big for Me?

After having my baby 2 years ago, my body changed. I am now at 165 lbs and 6 months ago, I had 400 cc saline implants placed under the muscle. I... READ MORE

Flipped over Implant after Breast Reconstruction

I had breast reconstruction with saline implants this summer. One of them flip over (flat side on the top). Doctor sayed that this happen and if dont... READ MORE

Do Gummy Bear Implants Give a Good Result?

Do you feel that I will get a good result with the gummy bears? I have already had saline overfill under the muscle (with great results) but then had... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture After Breast Implants. What Are My Options Other Than Surgery? (photo)

I got my silicone implants ( 325cc both side) 7 months ago and both of them don't soft over time. My surgeon told me that it could be a capsular... READ MORE

5 Days Post Breast Implants: 304CC Silicone and Unhappy

I am unhappy with my results! I am 5'1 , 100 pounds petite frame with 304cc silicone & unders. I feel like that is soo small on me &... READ MORE

Breast implants aren't going as I hoped they would. They are hard and look unnatural it's been 4/5 months post op. (Photo)

Every time I move my arm my implant gets as hard as a rock. I can't push my breasts together without there being a weird space gap. They get hard when... READ MORE

14 Weeks Post Op. Not Satisfied with Results. Implants Seems Too Wide. When Can I Change my Implants? (photo)

(transaxillary silicon gel 250/275cc moderate profile). I am very petite 5’1” 103lbs, 26.5” ribcage. I am not 100% satisfied with the results. I feel ... READ MORE

Mentor Memeroy Gel Moderate Plus Profile Give Me a More Natural Softer Breast?

I am looking into having BA revision. I have done a lot of research on the net and currently have 365cc round high profile cohesive gel implants... READ MORE

Have my implants bottomed out? Should I get larger ones so there's more middle cleavage? Maybe switch to overs? (Photo)

The gap between breast I feel is too large. I think they appear to have bottomed out, as my scar is way higher than most. I am 9 months post op. I... READ MORE

Breast Implant Dropping Too Much Possible?

I'm 2 months PO of BA and my right implant is still high which I'm told wait up to 6 months for final results. But I can't help but think... READ MORE

Does Anesthesia Fee Really Costs $3,000?

I had a breast augmentation about 6mos ago. My breasts are not getting soft and I want to redo it. My doctor said he's not gonna charge me for another... READ MORE

How Best to Revise Implants That Have Bottomed Out?

I had saline implants placed above the muscle approximately 12 years ago. I now wish to have a revision surgery performed. I would like to eliminate... READ MORE

Replacing Silicone Breast Implants with Moderate Sagging

I currently have 270cc silicone implants that are 30 years old. No problems ever! I am interested in a lift though, but do not want the scars. With... READ MORE

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