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What is the Best Way to Get Breast Implants In?

I know there are different ways to get a breast augmentation and i was wondering what way gives the best results and is the safest. READ MORE

Nipple Numbness After Breast Implants (photo)

I had breast implants (over the muscle) 5.5 months ago. One of my breasts is absolutely fine. With the other, I have sensation to the outer / upper /... READ MORE

1 Week Post Breast Implants: 280CC Too Big For my Frame

Im 5'4 and 50 kg. Ribcage is 29'. I requested conservative augmentation, but i wasn't able to choose the exact size. I got 280 cc overs,... READ MORE

Do Gummy Bear Implants Give a Good Result?

Do you feel that I will get a good result with the gummy bears? I have already had saline overfill under the muscle (with great results) but then had... READ MORE

Can Breast Implants Look Supple and Not Stiff?

Can breast implants be supple and not stiff, like in the picture? READ MORE

Subfacial Placement Vs Under/Over Muscle

The surgeon I am considering does a subfacial placement rather than over or under the muscle. I can't find reports on subfacial augs. This doctor... READ MORE

Breast Implants from a University Hospital?

I live in San Diego and wanted to know if anyone has had their breast aug at a teaching university like UCSD or UCI? Does anyone know about the costs... READ MORE

When Will Breast Implant Size and Placement Changes Be Noticeable?

I have breast implants over the muscle for 10 years and they need to be replaced due to excessive rippling. Now going behind the muscle, since they... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants After Having a Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a horrid experience with my breast reduction. Honestly, I dont think I did as much research as possible. The doctor came referred by an... READ MORE

Does your height effect how implants will look?

Imagine you are presented with two women with the same build, ribcage measurement, and BWD. Both want 300cc silicone implants placed under the muscle.... READ MORE

Should I Have Gone Behind the Muscle?

300cc saline mod overfilled to 360cc implants-SUB FASCIAL plane. I am just not satisfied, I feel that i have no upper pole fullness making them look... READ MORE

Got Implants, No Lift 3 Days Ago and Am Very Happy. Just Waiting for Drop

I had posted on this forum a while back and decided to go with 510cc saline implants submuscular,NO LIFT. I'm very pleased. No bruising, great... READ MORE

Variation in Implant Size vs. Results

I have 375cc HP, saline under the muscle implants. I was very surprised I went from a 36b to 36dd. Is this common? I also had a lift along with my... READ MORE

Natural Breast Implant Results for Breasts Lacking Fullness?

I'm considering surgery. My bra size now is 32D, but my breast lack fullness. Not a lot of droop. I have 2 kids also recently lost 35lbs. With a... READ MORE

How Big Will a 350cc Filled to 375cc Look Under the Muscle? (photo)

I am 5'11'' and 150 lbs. I am a 36A and hoping to go to a C cup. I do NOT want the big, fake boob look but I want to balance out my 40'' hips with a... READ MORE

One Breast Looks Small Than the Other - Will They Even Out?

I am three weeks post op and not happy with the results. One looks smaller than the other. My right breast was small to start with and had a larger... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Predict My Post-Op Bra Size

I am 5'8", 140 lbs., a 32A with loose sagging skin from breast feeding 3 babies, and I'm thinking about getting a breast augmentation of... READ MORE

Breast Implants Changed During Surgery - Why?

I'm 5'10 and 145lbs. Wanted 500cc Mod+, but my PS Put Me in 550HP While I Was Under. Why? I went in for 2 consultations before my operation,... READ MORE

1-yr Post Op Lift w/Implants. Poor Results. Revision but Scared of 2nd Capsular Contracture

I'm scheduled for a revision next month. My lift with silicone implants subglandual resulted with severe capsular contracture on left breast. Dr... READ MORE

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