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Doing Research About Breast Implants: Where to Start?

What should i include in my research process for breast enhancement surgery? I am just starting out and wondered if there a things I should really pay... READ MORE

Thyroid Disease After Saline Implant Leaks - Any Scientific Research?

I got saline implants in 2004. I had a baby in January 2008. While breastfeeding, I developed mastitis. By the 7th month, my milk spontaneously dried... READ MORE

JPRAS, FDA and Cohesive Gel Implants

On the JPRAS, and It Said That Cohesive Gel Implants Should Be Investigated Thoroughly.Was This Abstract Considered by the FDA? The above link shows a... READ MORE

Can breast implants trigger auto-immune disorders?

There is plenty of research that suggests breast implants do not cause auto-immune disorders but is there anything that suggest implants can trigger... READ MORE

Are round or anatomical implants best for subfascial placement?

After researching quite a bit I'm almost positive it would be best for me to choose a subfascial placement. However, has it been established in... READ MORE

Can I avoid a breast lift? (Photo)

I am a 45-year-old mom who breastfed my 3 kids, and I want a breast augmentation. I want to avoid a breast lift if at all possible. What type of... READ MORE

Why do same size implants look bigger on some women than other women?

Hi - I'm doing my research. Quick question. Most ladies post the implant size used for their augmentation (425CCs, 450CCs, etc., as well a profile,... READ MORE

I heard there was a new study regarding not wearing a bra post op with anatomical implants. Where could this be located?

I heard there was a new study regarding not wearing a bra post op with anatomical implants. Where could this be located? What would you know about it?... READ MORE

Silicone Levels - Before and After - in Implant Recipients

Has any body done blood work looking at silicone levels in the blood for a patient BEFORE and a reasonable time AFTER saline or silicone implants for... READ MORE

Which implants do you think is the best option for my body? (photo)

I want to know EVERYTHING about implants: sizes, profiles, saline and silicons, textured and smooth, teardrop and round, etc. I want to know... READ MORE

Is it possible to ask for breast implants placed close together to reduce cleavage gap? (Photo)

During my research I have noticed that a lot of women have large wdith between their implants. Is this sort of thing just due to body symmetry or... READ MORE

Are saline implants out of the question for me?

I am 5ft 115 lbs wide ribbed or squared/rectangular body frame. I do high impact aerobics everyday. My dr just told me he will not do my procedure... READ MORE

Are there some websites that you could recommend that could help me in researching breast implants?

I am really considering getting breast implants. I want to have a better understanding of it before I make my final decision. READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breasts? (Photo)

I'm very unhappy with the shape of my breasts. I'm not concerned with the size, I'm a 34 b. I believe that I may have tuberous breasts. All of the... READ MORE

Is it easy for a plastic surgeon to use a Keller Funnel for the first time? I want my PS to use one for surgery.

Hi, I have done much research and finally found a surgeon I love. My drawback is that he does not use the keller funnel. I am going "over the muscle"... READ MORE

Shorter recovery and less pain w/ Keller Funnel method?

I have been doing some research and have seen that some surgeons use the Keller Funnel method w/ the implant placement. Does this usually mean a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation from A/B cup to a full C cup?

Hello, I've been doing some research on breast implants, & I'm overwhelmed with all the choices. I have about a A to a B cup size & I'd like to be a... READ MORE

24, 5'1", 34A, 100lbs. 350 cc too small/too big? Want full D (Photo)

I'm 24, 5"1, 100 lbs, 34A, no kids debating on cc sizes! I am aiming for full D. I originally wanted 330cc but after doing some research, it looks a... READ MORE

Breast Implants. Any thoughts, suggestions, observations would be appreciated (Photo)

I am in the beginning stages of my research to have breast implants. I am barely an A cup, 5'10, 150lbs, breastfed 2 kids. I am unclear if round or... READ MORE

Anxiety before breast augmentation surgery.

I have scheduled my BA for the end of the month and the more I research the more anxious I am. I'm currently a size 32a and looking to be a full B or... READ MORE

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