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Symastia Repair: Can It Be Fixed with Perm Sutures with No Alloderm?

I am going back to the PS who did my first surgery. He wants to fix my symmastia by treating it like a "C.C.". he says it will be a 2 hour... READ MORE

Do Partial Closed Capsulotomy Tears Repair Themselves on Their Own?

I used too much pressure massaging and caused a partial closed capsulotomy on myself by accident. My implant is bulging through the crack/tear in the... READ MORE

When can I fix double bubble/bottoming out and Muscle Distortion after 2 years? (Photo)

Breast implants in early 2012. (Sub-musc, aereola incision, silicone) Since month 3 I noticed huge muscle distortion when flexing my chest muscles... READ MORE

Repairing Bottom Out Without Surgery? (photo)

Let's speak theoretically. My bottom out was imediate. Days after surgery. Not immense tough, a few centimeters at worst, only one of the breasts. I... READ MORE

Do breast lifts repair Cooper Ligaments to correct sagging?

Or do they simply tighten the skin and change the position of the nipple? And what damages the Cooper Ligaments in the first place? How important are... READ MORE

My right breast looks really deformed after a Hematoma removal. Will repair itself without more surgery? (photos)

My implant surgery was 4 weeks ago. I then developed severe pain and distortion of right breast. Surgeon went back in to see what was going in. A... READ MORE

Which is easier to repair: a ruptured saline implant or ruptured silicone implant?

Hi! I have been researching A LOT about whether to get a breast augmentation. I am 46, slender and work out a lot; my breast size is quite small: 32A.... READ MORE

Saline implants electively deflated. Any suggestions?

I am scheduled to have elective implant deflation in office. Is there any problems I can expect to have if I don't remove the implants for awhile? I... READ MORE

What are my options now? Had a repair of inferior displacement utilizing a strattice 3 months ago (Photos)

BA 400cc under the muscle repaired using an adm 3mo ago. Still have bad burn/pinching pain to sternum/right breast. I can feel the implant and Im back... READ MORE

Are permanent sutures to rib cage necessary for repair of over dissected pocket? Does capsuloraphy always involve that? (Photo)

I am waiting to have my breast pocket repaired as my surgeon over cut me and one breast is much lower than the other. I am 4 months PO and will likely... READ MORE

Can my breast implants and liposuction deformities be fixed? (Photo)

I had liposuction twice in the last three years. The first time was August 2012 the second time was May 2013 in hopes to fix round 1 deformities.... I... READ MORE

How long is surgery to repair a capsular Contractured breast?

I am curious how long the surgery lasts and how long recovery is. READ MORE

What's the medical rule by bottomed out implant? Is replacing it with a new by the OP mandatory or voluntary procedure 4 the PS?

In 2009 it was suspected that my left b.implant had ruptured&a new one was ordered for the OP,but when my PS extracted it discovered that the implant... READ MORE

Pocket too big causing the implant to move laterally right after BA surgery- is this caused by my PS making it too big?

My right implant immediately slid laterally after surgery and is now under my armpit when I lay flat and moves all around. Only a week post op right... READ MORE

Breast implant leak repair.

Hello. I had breast augmentation surgery less than two years ago. I saw my plastic surgeon yesterday and I defiantly have a leak in my saline implant.... READ MORE

Capsular contracture. Do I need to stop breastfeeding on BOTH breasts, if only repairing one?

I am currently breastfeeding my 3 month old preemie, I'm sure you could understand I would love to continue to breast feed her. I have capsular... READ MORE

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