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Look Normal After Breast Implant Removal?

Can I look normal after removing large breast implants and how much is the cost? I had breast augmentation in 2005 and the 450cc implants were place... READ MORE

How Are Saline Breast Implants Deflated?

You mentioned that you could have the Saline breast implants deflated in situ and then determine how to proceed--removal alone or removal with breast... READ MORE

Safest Way to Remove Saline Breast Implants

What is safest way to remove saline breast implants? Can it be done with sedation? Approximately how much would it  cost? READ MORE

What if I Don't Like my New Breast Implants?

I am seriously considering a breast augmentation, but what if I don't like the way the implants look after surgery?  Can the breast implants be... READ MORE

Whats the Avarage Cost to Remove Capsular Contraction Around my Inplants?

Whats the avarage cost to remove capsular contraction around one breast inplant? READ MORE

Regarding Breast Implant Removal. What is the Best Time Frame for Explantation?

I am only a week post-op but fear I made a huge mistake. What is the best time frame for removal for the least amount of trauma to the breast (sooner... READ MORE

How Will my Breasts Look if I Choose to Have the Implants Removed?

If i decide to get breast implants, what happens should i decide to not get replacements in case the implant needs to be removed (e.g. rupture). Does... READ MORE

I had Implants Two Years Ago and my Left Breast Hurts, I also have Really Bad Chest Pains

I been thinking of removing them, because im scared, my chest pains are an everyday pain and i went to the emergency room and they dont tell me... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have my Lymph Node Filled with Silicone Removed?

Hello, I had a ruptured PIP implant removed (left side). Unfortunately I now have an enlarged lymth node (2.9cm) which is very uncomfortable. I am... READ MORE

Antique Silicone Implants - Should I Have Them Removed?

I had silicone breast implants done 30 years ago and my last mammo showed them intact. Should I have them removed because they are old? READ MORE

Should I request implant be removed? Is it common practice to re-suture an infected and exposed implant? (photos)

After 5 days in the hospital for infection, my doctor told me my implant was exposed. He said he just needed to stitch up the opening. My husband and... READ MORE

Can a Plastic Surgeon Perform the Removal of Fibroadenoma?

Can fibroadenoma be removed by a plastic surgeon? If so, can this be done the same time when you get under the muscle saline breast implants through... READ MORE

What Will Happen to my Breasts if I Remove my Implants?

I recently had implant of a size C put in from a size A. It wasn't a big change but im suffering from health issues with them so im looking to get... READ MORE

I May Have Punctured my Cohesive Gel Implant with the Tip of a Knife: How Can Tell?

I was sharpening a knife while it was held by a mechanics vise.when i released the vise the knife was accidentally stabbed into the top part of my... READ MORE

5 Years Post-op Silicone Implants. Small Leak. Can It Be Removed and Replaced Immediately?

My silicon breast implants are 5 years old. one has a small leak can the implant be changed and replaced at the same time? or do you have to explant... READ MORE

When to remove surgical tape? (Photo)

Had a BA a week ago and my DR used periareolar incision. How long should you leave the tape on that's places over the incision ? I've notice there is... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Have Breast Implants Removed?

I had breast augmentation recently, and I realized they're not for me. Now, I want them removed. How soon after breast augmentation can I have my... READ MORE

Leak in Sillicone Implants and in Lymph Gland

Can I get advice on how quickly I should get these taken out?Ive read its not urgent but what does that mean? Within a year or can I wait? We've... READ MORE

Why Would my Breast Implant Fall Out?

Major breast surgery complication to the extent my implant fell out after the incision opened and a load of green gunk came out. I have already... READ MORE

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