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Is It Possible for Your Body to Reject Implants?

I have problems with my body rejecting various types of piercings. Is it possible for the body to reject implants? READ MORE

Infected Implant/ Incision Reopening/ Healing Problem, is Body Rejecting? (photo)

So 2nd restitching FAILED had an opening right after sutures removal PS said implants has to go wait for few month to heal and put it back in.... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants Again After I Had Extrusion?

Can i get implants again after i had one of my implants extrusion and does that mean my body rejected the implant? READ MORE

I Have Implants and for the Past 2 Years I Have Slowly Become Weaker and Sicker. Can my Body Reject Implants

I have have had many blood test and other test to figure why i feel like im dying . Then my doctor says it could be my implants cause u cant touch... READ MORE

What is the risk of my body rejecting the Breast Implants?

I had a total knee replacement 4 years ago and did fine, but I wonder if there are any statistics in this? READ MORE

How Can I Find out if my Immune System is Reacting to my Saline Implants?

I've been sick since my implantation two years ago--fatigue, inability to exercise (pre-surgery 1 hour daily), vision affected etc. Any... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Rejection of Saline Implants to a Psoriatic Person on Enbrel?

I have had a small tattoo removed from my wrist in the past with no problems. It seems that surgical incisions never are attacked by my psoriasis.... READ MORE

I Had a VP Shunt Interred Last Year but Within 6 Weeks my Body Started 'Rejecting' It.What Can Cause This?Could It Be an Allergy

I have intracranial hypertension. I had a vp shunt inserted through a rickhams reservoir but within 6 weeks I was in too much pain so they took it out... READ MORE

Do you think my body could reject breast implants?

Hi, every time I have worn earings for a long period of time they have infected my piercing holes for examlle they start bleeding now that is with any... READ MORE

What are the symptoms of inflammation or implant rejection? Mine are hurting after 2 years of surgery.

I have had breast implants for over 2 years now and my left breast has been bothering me lately. Very tender and uncomfortable. A year ago I found a... READ MORE

Could I Be Rejecting Implant?

I am having yellow clear drainage from right breast1 month post op from breast implants. site red inflamed no fever . been short of breath one week... READ MORE

How common is Breast Implant rejection?

Hi how common is it for breast implant rejection ? is this something to be very worried about ? To even not go through with the surgery ? Feeling very... READ MORE

Can I be rejecting my breast implants?

I received submammary 450 cc's saline implants September 5 of 2015. All seemed to heal very well. Perfectly soft. No hardness or pain anywhere. The... READ MORE

I just found out I am 4 wks pregnant. I was due to have surgery in 1 wk to reinsert a rejected breast implant. Can this be done?

I had breast augmentation surgery in July, however my body rejected one of the implants and it was removed and the cavity sealed in September. I am... READ MORE

Implant rejection and expanders? (Photos)

I have gone through h*ll to many surgerys to count. One lost nipple one popped implant and replacement then complete loss of the implant so im left... READ MORE

Can I possibly have elective boob enhancement after a heart transplant?

I had a heart transplant in december 2011 and have a pacemaker inserted whilst still admitted for transplant. I have been healthy since with no... READ MORE

My right breast developed a hematoma, and now my left one is showing signs. Does this mean my body is rejecting the implants?

I had my BA 12 days ago. Had an immediate hematoma on right breast, was operated again 3h after to clean and drain. 9 days post op right breast became... READ MORE

Could my body reject breast implants?

I got breast implants 450cc Saline in December and this past month I have been feeling tightness around my neck and in my arms. I also have swollen... READ MORE

What is the usual length of time gummy bear implants last?

I have doing my homework on this as its a huge decision. The recent article stating that the textured implants cause cancer, do the gummy bear ones... READ MORE

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