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Can I use bio oil directly on the incision?

I'm 5 weeks post op and my incisions are red and getting lumpy. Would it be ok to use bio oil directly on the incision? I have to wear tape on them... READ MORE

Breast and Nipple Sore - Due to 35-year-old Implants?

I have had breast implants for 35 years. I am 58 years old. I never had any kind of problem! Today, My left breast and nipple was very sore. My nipple... READ MORE

Any suggestions for breast implants and rash? (photos)

Yesterday morning I woke up to a red rash on my breast. I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction in 2008. I went to my general doctor and was... READ MORE

Why Am I Having Complications With My Left Breast Implant 11 Yrs Later? (photo)

I'm 31 yrs old w/ 3 children.... Have had no problems w/ my implants after having them for 11 yrs, until now! Started two days ago w/ sharp pains... READ MORE

Could I be allergic to breast implants?

I'm allergic to lots of things like lotions, soaps with beads in it, adhesive and certain makeup. I bought some silicone inserts from VS and sometimes... READ MORE

Skin is red around incision 3 weeks post op? (Photo)

There's still a little irritation but not much pain anymore. It's still numb underneath and a little warm to touch but I think that's the place that... READ MORE

Are my implants infected? (photos)

I am 3 1/2 months post op after having a breast implants + lift. I had spitting stitches around my nipples about 1-2 months after my surgery, which I... READ MORE

6 yrs post op of Breast Implants, 3 years ago my right implant shifted and feel like something was pulling. Is this normal?

I had cohisive gel implants for 6 years. Today I am feeling pulling again and the shape is different and I noticed a red and irritation mark under my... READ MORE

Is it a breast implant infection?

I got 360 cc saline breast implant cut under the breast but the dr did some work around the aureola I think it was infracted there was some fluid... READ MORE

4 weeks post op of Breast Implants, my left breast initially dropped and was spasming. Is this normal?

I am 4 weeks post op with 700cc implants that were recommended by my plastic surgeon. My left breast came back up as it had initially dropped and was... READ MORE

Is it okay to still wear a sports bra post breast implant surgery?

I got breast implant and Is it okay to still wear a sports bra while my wound is not fully heal? I start to wear sports bra after i take off my... READ MORE

BA under crease scar more red on one side. Cause? Best treatment? (Photo)

I'm one month post op BA with under crease incision. I've had very easy recovery with amazing results. My left incision feels the same but is so much... READ MORE

Scar looks a little red. Is it a sign of infection? (Photo)

So I'm at 5 weeks and i was taking my weekly scar pic when i noticed a red part on one of them. It wasn't there last week. It doesn't feel any warmer... READ MORE

12 days post op breast augmentation - is this early signs of necrosis? (Photo)

I had my surgery for breast augmentation 12 days ago, crease incision. I went to my 1 week post op appointment a few days ago and the nurse took the... READ MORE

How can I treat the pain in my breast after implants?

Hi my age is 50 Years and I had breast implants in 2012 and after implants my breast one side is perfect but the other side is giving me lot of... READ MORE

1 month post op, is this infected scar? (photos)

One month Breast implants been under lots of stress now very red scar im scared what do I do is this something I see my plastic surgeon about or a... READ MORE

I have a sore red patch on my right breast below the nipple. I'm worried I may have a rupture. I wonder if someone can help.

Done on 23/10/2011. No problems until now. Breast feels a bit sore with a burning Sensation. Sensitive to touch. Can't lie on that side without... READ MORE

Can you be allergic to silicone breast implants? (Photos)

I had surgery on 27 October 2016. On 29 October I started seeing red hives appear on my legs then stomach back now my chest and face have them.. the... READ MORE

Red stretch marks around the breast. Why and how to remove them? (Photo)

I recently got a breast augmentation surgery (5weeks ago) with 340cc (went from a cup to c cup) and i started noticing these red marks constantly... READ MORE

23 year old silicone implants now have tender "feverish" red identical areas on lower part of breast?

They are getting increasingly uncomfortable and the left one now has a similar spot above the aureole. When I bend over they look identical but like a... READ MORE

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