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What Do Breast Implants Feel Real?

Do breast implants feel real? Do they feel hard? READ MORE

Can I Get Away with Large Breast Implants Instead of a Lift? (photo)

I want fuller larger breast's...I am currently a 32E-ee natural, and want to go to about a 32FF, I work as a model and do not want to have the... READ MORE

Is This a Realistic and Easily Achievable BA Outcome? (photo)

I'm 25 with no children but some ptosis. My breasts sit pretty high on my ribcage with a little bit of a crease. I have some deflation in my... READ MORE

Is My Expectation With Polyurethane Implants Realistic? (photo)

This is a Follow Up to my Previous Question Regarding the Look I'll Get. I have done a lot of research on polyurethane implants. There is less... READ MORE

Are my goals realistic with my current shape? (Photo)

At 5'9" 170 lbs, I'm a very small c maybe a b, I feel as if after two kiddos my breast are just empty ski slope looking things that kind of just sit... READ MORE

How many cc's should I choose to achieve these size breast? are they a realistic size? (photos)

I want "gummy bear implants" because I hear that they are very cohesive, feel natural, and very lasting. I want under the muscle. Also, I was told by... READ MORE

Wanting realistic expectations; how do I know if I will have a large gap in between my breasts after implants? (photo)

5'6, 125lbs, 32B/34A bra size. I am going for silicone implants under the muscle, but I am nervous about whether my natural chest shape will give me... READ MORE

Do I have to have a breast lift if I want implants? (Photo)

I REALLY do not want a breast lift! I want large breasts and want to know if I can get the look I want without a lift. The procedure is part of a... READ MORE

How Much Breast Tissue is a Good Amount to Make Implants Feel More Real?

I want to get implants, but i have been told you feel the bag really bad, so i'm not so sure any more. Then i read that having a good amount of breast... READ MORE

How much more will I "settle" after a month? What is realistic to expect? (Photo)

34 yo, s/p breast aug silicone, periareola, submuscular. 5'7" 135lbs. Prior to sx right breast was smaller than left. 450cc left and 500cc right. From... READ MORE

Is this a realistic result of Breast Augmentation? (Photo)

I am strongly considering having breast augmentation with silicone/cohesive gel. Please give me an idea of what would need to be done in order to have... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for my "wish" breasts? (Photo)

I am a 20 year old female looking to get a breast augmentation. I am 5'2, 105 lbs. I am wanting a very full breast size, I am currently a 32B bra... READ MORE

Is my goal somewhat realistic and achievable for my anatomy with a simple breast augmentation with silicone implants? (Photo)

I am getting a breast augmentation next May, and I am definitely wanting to go larger, but I want to be realistic. I don't have a specific size... READ MORE

I'm wanting breast implants. Would this look be achievable? (Photo)

These are my goal photos I plan to bring to my consult next week. Just wanted to get an opinion first if you think it is doable. I did have a breast... READ MORE

33y.5'3"Areola3.6cm.Are my wish boobs realistic?Don't want to see outlines of implants.What breast width matches which implants?

What are my best options in terms of implants? Smooth/textured? I don't like upper pole fullness.Some doctors here suggested teardrop but I am afraid... READ MORE

Are my goals realistic, considering I have tubular breasts? (Photo)

I'm not quite sure if I would be able to look some what like my goal pictures, considering I have tubular breasts and also the fact that they are not... READ MORE

Realistic expectations? 35yo, 115 lbs, 5'7", breastfed 2. Considering 325cc Silicone mod+ under the muscle. (Photo)

I am an over thinker (my PS would agree). :) He is so amazing and so knowledgeable and I completely trust his expert opinion. That being said, I feel... READ MORE

Can I achieve this size?

Hey there thank You for your feedback - I really appreciate it. :) now another question . Here is a picture of breast I would like to have , as I... READ MORE

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