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What Do Breast Implants Feel Real?

Do breast implants feel real? Do they feel hard? READ MORE

Can I Get Away with Large Breast Implants Instead of a Lift? (photo)

I want fuller larger breast's...I am currently a 32E-ee natural, and want to go to about a 32FF, I work as a model and do not want to have the... READ MORE

Is This a Realistic and Easily Achievable BA Outcome? (photo)

I'm 25 with no children but some ptosis. My breasts sit pretty high on my ribcage with a little bit of a crease. I have some deflation in my... READ MORE

Are my goals realistic with my current shape? (Photo)

At 5'9" 170 lbs, I'm a very small c maybe a b, I feel as if after two kiddos my breast are just empty ski slope looking things that kind of just sit... READ MORE

Is My Expectation With Polyurethane Implants Realistic? (photo)

This is a Follow Up to my Previous Question Regarding the Look I'll Get. I have done a lot of research on polyurethane implants. There is less... READ MORE

Realistic expectations? 35yo, 115 lbs, 5'7", breastfed 2. Considering 325cc Silicone mod+ under the muscle. (Photo)

I am an over thinker (my PS would agree). :) He is so amazing and so knowledgeable and I completely trust his expert opinion. That being said, I feel... READ MORE

How many cc's should I choose to achieve these size breast? are they a realistic size? (photos)

I want "gummy bear implants" because I hear that they are very cohesive, feel natural, and very lasting. I want under the muscle. Also, I was told by... READ MORE

33y.5'3"Areola3.6cm.Are my wish boobs realistic?Don't want to see outlines of implants.What breast width matches which implants?

What are my best options in terms of implants? Smooth/textured? I don't like upper pole fullness.Some doctors here suggested teardrop but I am afraid... READ MORE

Best implant choice? What implant type would be most realistic? (photos)

I dont want to spend more than 4000 at the end of it. I want to add size and i dont need lift. What will give me my desired results? I want a natural,... READ MORE

Wanting realistic expectations; how do I know if I will have a large gap in between my breasts after implants? (photo)

5'6, 125lbs, 32B/34A bra size. I am going for silicone implants under the muscle, but I am nervous about whether my natural chest shape will give me... READ MORE

How much more will I "settle" after a month? What is realistic to expect? (Photo)

34 yo, s/p breast aug silicone, periareola, submuscular. 5'7" 135lbs. Prior to sx right breast was smaller than left. 450cc left and 500cc right. From... READ MORE

Is this a realistic result of Breast Augmentation? (Photo)

I am strongly considering having breast augmentation with silicone/cohesive gel. Please give me an idea of what would need to be done in order to have... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for my "wish" breasts? (Photo)

I am a 20 year old female looking to get a breast augmentation. I am 5'2, 105 lbs. I am wanting a very full breast size, I am currently a 32B bra... READ MORE

Would this be unrealistic for breast implants? (Photos)

I'm currently a 34a. I'm 5'2 and weigh 110 pounds. I don't mind if my breasts don't look like what most people would consider natural. I basically... READ MORE

Are my goals realistic, considering I have tubular breasts? (Photo)

I'm not quite sure if I would be able to look some what like my goal pictures, considering I have tubular breasts and also the fact that they are not... READ MORE

Do I have to have a breast lift if I want implants? (Photo)

I REALLY do not want a breast lift! I want large breasts and want to know if I can get the look I want without a lift. The procedure is part of a... READ MORE

Could I achieve the look on my wish pic with breast implants? (Photo)

Hi, I'm wanting to know if it's possible to achieve this kind of look without having a lift, id like more natural looking breasts rather than 'fake'... READ MORE

How Much Breast Tissue is a Good Amount to Make Implants Feel More Real?

I want to get implants, but i have been told you feel the bag really bad, so i'm not so sure any more. Then i read that having a good amount of breast... READ MORE

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