Reaction + Breast Implants

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Rash 5 days post op after breasts. Help me? (photo)

I developed a rash around and in the middle of my breast as well as some in my throat area and upper breast my doctor took off the steri strips and I... READ MORE

Allergic reaction to silicone?

I am scheduled for surgery next month and I am afraid of allergic reactions to the silicone..My body tends to reject things like fake jewelry, certain... READ MORE

Allergic reaction to steri strips? (Photo)

It started off by itching a lot and sooner than later this rash started to appear . Could it be a allergic reaction to the steri strips ? READ MORE

I don't have adrenal glands, and I can't find information anywhere about how my body might react to implants. Help?

Has anyone had a patient like me? I am a former Cushing's disease patient. After a failed attempt to remove my pituitary tumor, they went for my... READ MORE

I believe that I'm having an allergic reaction to my silicone implants (Photo)

My ears will get extremely hot and I will break out all over my face my shoulders everywhere everywhere with the huge bumps when you touch and discuss... READ MORE

Reactive Lymph Node After Breast Augmentation? How Long Does It Last?

I had BA on March 27th, and at about 5 days post-op I noticed that my right side was hurting more than my left. I found that I had a hard lump between... READ MORE

Will I have a reaction to implants?

I had the Paraguard IUD last year and after a few months, my back was in severe pain. I had a back injury when I was 17 and all of a sudden my back... READ MORE

Recent silicone implants and asthma/lung burning connection?

Two months ago I got silicone breast implants. Within the past month I have noticed some very minor trouble breathing. Three days ago I woke up... READ MORE

In July of 2015 I had a breast augmentation and saline implants. Could I have an allergic reaction?

I have sores that are on the follicles on my breasts, on the top of my thighs, and genital area. I have seen a dermatologist and saw my plastic... READ MORE

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