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Will 420cc Implants Make Me Very Big?

I am scheduled for surgery in 4 days and now I am second guessing the size of implants. (pre surg nerves and size obsession) I am 5ft 115lbs,... READ MORE

What Causes Frankenboobs Aka Spongebob Squareboobs? (photo)

I am 4 days post-op from a BA (425 and 475 HP silicone implants, dual plane, inframammary incisions) and have the dreaded squareboobs. My surgeon said... READ MORE

600-800cc Breast Implants Now, and Lift One Year from Now?

I have stage 3 ptosis (@ 3.5) I am 5'6", 137 pounds, 21% body fat. I have 5 children. I am an avid weight lifter, runner (30miles a week) and am a... READ MORE

Breast Lift/Augmentation - with Pectus Excavatum and Asymmetry

I have recently had two consults and received two VERY different opinions. I have nursed two children and have ptosis on the left side, with pectus... READ MORE

800cc Breast Implants with Breast Lift for Patient with Slight Ptosis?

I am getting 800cc Breast implants. I have some ptosis, Grade I or II. Is it possible to get Breast augmentation then Breast lift (if needed).... READ MORE

For parenchymal maldistribution breasts, can I achieve rounded, perkier breasts with just implants or do I need a lift? (Photo)

My nipples aren't centered, sit too low, point to the ground, creating a "droopy snoopy" triangular appearance. When my nipples are erect, my breasts... READ MORE

Can a Lowered Inframammary Fold Be Corrected?

My doctor and I agreed to lower my inframammary fold due to some slight tubular deformity and ptosis. There are some problems with the outcome and its... READ MORE

400/450cc HP Silicone Implants for Broad Chest & Grade 1 Ptosis? (photo)

I am 5'8", 140 - 145 lbs with a broad chest, grade 1 pstosis and 45cc assymmetry. My surgeon recommends 400 & 450cc HP silicone implants, dual... READ MORE

Correction of Moderate Breast Ptosis

I am a 48 years, 5'4" and 140 lbs. I had one child and breastfed. I want to improve the sagging and increase volume of of my breast but wish... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Breast Implants and Lift to Achieve a B Cup?

Due to weight loss in the early 2000's, I dropped from a C to A/B cup. I have moderate ptosis and noticeable asymmetry. My surgeon explained that due... READ MORE

Is breast atrophy the same as breast ptosis? (Photo)

I am scheduled for my BA on November 10. I am 37, breasted two kids and very very active. I am getting round, textured, silicone textured implants... READ MORE

Mastopexy Results Seem Too Low With No Upper Pole Fullness? (photo)

Biplanar 460cc saline mod profile implants. I feel they are placed too low on my chest with no upper pole fullness. My PS suggested a balloon... READ MORE

Can Implants Alone Give a Good Result for Sagging (Ptosis) Breasts? (photo)

I have been told by two different things by two surgeons, one that implants size 375 overs can give a good result and two that only a lift or large... READ MORE

Is This a Realistic and Easily Achievable BA Outcome? (photo)

I'm 25 with no children but some ptosis. My breasts sit pretty high on my ribcage with a little bit of a crease. I have some deflation in my... READ MORE

Could I Get the Fake Look with Mild Ptosis Prior to Surgery?

I lost weight when I was younger and therefore my breasts have a "deflated" appearance, but I have done the pencil test, and my nipples do not appear... READ MORE

Deflated 34D/DD (Uk) with Mild Ptosis, Will Implants Fix This?

I have a decent size already however the shape, fullness, deflatedness and mild ptosis (tested with ruler), have a huge affect on my confidence and... READ MORE

Dr is suggesting 385cc textured round implant. Is textured round silicone Sientra more firm than the smooth silicone Sientra?

Asking on behalf of wife as she is not one to ask questions being timid. Patient 42, 5' 3 113 lbs, 2 children, very active with weights and running.... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision for Double Bubble - Lift Question?

Hello! At my recent 6 month post-op, I had double bubble in my left breast due to the implant falling too low. My right is now the same. My PS said... READ MORE

Will breast augmentation alone substantially correct the breast ptosis and the asymmetry or do I also need a lift? (photo)

Ideally I would like to hear that I only need the BA to substantially improve the overall look of my breasts (make them fuller and more symmetrical).... READ MORE

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