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Why Can I Feel my Breast Implant Putruding?

I am 2 months post op, saline implants and everything was going pretty well. Now when I lay down I can feel a bump on the lower half of my right... READ MORE

Is Pain Due to Rip in Pocket of Breast Implant Under the Muscle?

I had silicone implants put in under the muscle six months ago. I fear i may have damaged the pocket on the left by overexerting myself one month... READ MORE

Looking for Advice on Tear Shape Implants Behind Muscle? (photo)

Hi I had breast implants 4 years ago , since then I had a baby I bf him for 3months , he's now 13 months and in the last month my implant is sticking... READ MORE

I have a protruding sternum and very small breasts. Would I be able to get breast implants?

I'm 27 year old female. No kids. I would like to get breasts implants but not sure what kind would look the most natural with the protruding sternum. READ MORE

3 weeks out from 2nd breast augmentation, right breast looks tuberous & feels like implant is poking through the muscle? (Photo)

I am 3 weeks out from my second breast augmentation. I went from 260 cc unders to 550cc unders. My right breast is looking more tuberous every day. It... READ MORE

Will my breasts even out over time and is the indentation and implant protrusion fixable, and if so, how? (Photo)

I am 7 weeks post-op. I have 275cc smooth round mod-profile silicone unders. I was previously a 32aa with a breast width of 11cm. I just want to know... READ MORE

Follow up: 5 weeks post-op and left implant feels too far to the side?

I am now over 3 months post op and would love to hear your thoughts on my surgeon's response to my concerns. As mentioned in my original post, one of... READ MORE

Will I need a revision to fix this problem? (photos)

I'm only 4 days post op, and I know it is far too early to tell final results. However, I am concerned that my left breast seems to protrude sideways... READ MORE

I'm 5'2", 113 pounds. I would like fuller natural looking breasts after breastfeeding 4 kids. What size of implant should I get?

I have low body fat on my upper body and fuller butt/hips. I loved my pregnancy B/C boobs. I'm currently 32C. Want a natural looking and not noticably... READ MORE

Is it wise for me to get breast implants with a history of lung infections?

I am 57 and have Kartageners with situs inversus .. I have a history of lung infections and am presently undergoing antibiotic therapy for Mac Avium..... READ MORE

What, if anything, can be done to improve aesthetic result of breast implants with protruding chest wall on left side? (Photo)

I am a 41 year old female. I received my submuscular implants 4 years ago following a significate weight loss. My doctor said a lift was not... READ MORE

Could my newly inserted silicone implant have ruptured? 2/22/16 I had surgery & felt a pop sensation on 3/5 during a hug (Photo)

I had breast augmentation on 2/22/16 with silicone moderate pulse 375cc under the muscle. I felt a pop sensation on the right side while hugging... READ MORE

What happened to my breast implant?

After a forceful back massage while on my stomach, my right breast is suddenly much harder. From just below clavicle to underneath. no pain. Not much... READ MORE

Implant sticking out, will it go away when it settles?

So I found a A small lump and got a surgeon to look at it. Turns out to be the edge of my implant poking out causing a lump. How often does this fix... READ MORE

Why did the left breast after revision go from protruding laterally to a straight line medially? What are my corrective options?

Help, please. My surgeon performed a breast aug. & what I thought was a lateral capsuloraphy on 11/29/12. Post surgery, part of the implant was on... READ MORE

Should I use 300cc & 325cc HP for left and right breast? Or 325cc and 350cc? Have protruding chest bone (Photo)

Asian, 40 years 3 kids, 5'5 118lbs broad shoulder, protruding chest bone, 34B but not full since the right breast is smaller. Athletic slender figure.... READ MORE

Is this flatness of my implant and point where it sticks out further normal for 18 days post op? Will it round out? (Photos)

I asked my DR and he said to massage the area, and pull on the skin around the area to loosen it so the implant has more space, but I am nervous and... READ MORE

Lump on edge of implant?

1 mo. post op - 240CC textured silicone implants under the muscle w/ breast lift & some tissue removed from my left breast to fix asymmetry. A... READ MORE

After mastectomy & saline implant under pectoral muscle, I have muscle under the arms that protrudes & painful. Is this normal?

After mystectomy and saline implant under pectoral muscle. I have a muscle under the arm Teresa major that protrudes and painful with everyday... READ MORE

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