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What Are the Pros and Cons to Textured Vs. Smooth Implants?

Are textured silicone implants firmer? Do they still feel very natural? I'm a thin girl, 5'3" and 100 lbs. I'm having my surgery in a week and a half... READ MORE

Any Difference Between Having Implants Under the Muscle and Having Over Muscle?

I am 5.4 and 117 lb, i ware a 34 A and i am looking for a gel 325 cc. i am nervous about all i don`t know and i want to look like a natural breasts... READ MORE

Subpectoral Placement Vs. Subfascial Breast Implant Placement

If a subpectoal placement of implant requires a cutting of the pectoral muscle, does this account for the warning that some surgeons give that the... READ MORE

Which Breast Implants Are More Likely to Rupture?

Are Saline Breast Implants more likely to rupture than Silicone Breast Implants? READ MORE

Mentor Memeroy Gel Moderate Plus Profile Give Me a More Natural Softer Breast?

I am looking into having BA revision. I have done a lot of research on the net and currently have 365cc round high profile cohesive gel implants... READ MORE

Partially Under the Muscle Vs (Fully) Under the Muscle For Silicone Implants Pros and Cons?

What is the difference and the pros and cons of each. I want these for silicone implants with the armpit incision. Thanks in advance READ MORE

Would Gummy Bear Silicone Gel Be Firmer and Harder Than Cohesive Silicone Gel?

I was wondering if I should go with Round gummy bear silicone or round cohesive liquid ones. And also, should I go with Textured or smooth? What are... READ MORE

Breast Areola Incisions and Steri Strips?

Hi Doctors - what do you think of NOT using steri strips on areola incisions for breast implant surgery? One of my consultations said 'No steri... READ MORE

What Are the Pro's and Con's of Implant Placed in Front or Behind Chest Muscle?

I've had silicone implants since 1978. They maintained a natural feel all these years. They've started to leak, One has started to contract and has... READ MORE

I'm a Runner and Lift Weights, Which is Better Subglandular or Submuscular? I Keep Seeing Mixed Answers.

I'm a Runner and Lift Weights, Which is Better Subglandular or Submuscular? I Keep Seeing Mixed Answers. READ MORE

Is Silicone Implant the Right Choice for Patient with Little Breast Tissue?

Due to pregnancy, I have very little breast tissue left and I am considering breast augmentation. My surgeon recommended that I opt for silicone... READ MORE

Replacing Ruptured Silicon Implant - Pros and Cons? (photo)

I have my silicon implants for 10 years, and just discovered through MRI and Ultrasound that right one is raptured (but the silicon is contained... READ MORE

What Are the Drawbacks of Breast Implants?

I am interested in getting a Mommy Makeover once I return from Afghanistan. I would like to get a tummy tuck and lipsuction on my hips, thighs, flanks... READ MORE

Need FACTS About Moderate Plus and High Profile Implants?

PS told me that mod-plus and high-profile implants.. if they ever turn or move that they will distort the appearance of the breast. Said that due to... READ MORE

What is the Safest Type of Breast Implant? And What is a Gel Cohesive Implant?

I have been very interested in getting breast implants for a while but I'm confused on where to start my journey. I hear alot of ppl say that going... READ MORE

How Safe is Silicone As of March 2012? What is the Statistics of Getting Silicone Toxicity?

I was considering getting silicone as a breast implant, since it is the preferred choice by women over saline. But how safe is it, even if it is FDA... READ MORE

Textured implants under the muscle?

Hello just looking to get the pros and cons of round textured implants under the muscle. I'm afraid of them sitting high forever and not feeling soft.... READ MORE

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