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Which Breast Implants Result in Natural Slope and Cleavage?

My wife is going to get Breast Augmentation in 3 months. She's 130 lbs, 5'4", 34A (breast fed 2 children), breast width was narrow,... READ MORE

Ultra High Profile Implant Compared to High Profile Implant?

Hi my current breast implants now are 590cc ultra high profile they look like a B cup to me clothe. I plan on going bigger possibly 800cc high profile... READ MORE

Will HP Breast Implants Help with Pigeon Chest?

During a consultation, I was told I have Pectus Carinatum (pigeon chest). Presently, I am 34C, and considering breast augmentation (I had a breast... READ MORE

Does Breast Implant Profile Matter in Preventing Bottom Out?

I am 28, 5'8", weighing 136 lbs, with smooth Saline Breast implants (425cc each), under the muscle. I went from a 36A to 36C. I am facing... READ MORE

Round Profile Breast Implants for Patient with Prominent Chest?

I am a 75A wishing for a 75C. I also have a very prominent chest wall – bony and the 2nd bones after the ones sloping outwards. I have been to 3... READ MORE

Does Projection Make a Difference in Your Profile for Breast Implants?

Will a projection of 4.2 make more of a difference than 3.9 in your profile? Just making sure I am understanding. thanks. READ MORE

Breast Implant Profile for Very Petite Frame?

Recently booked myself in to have breast augmentation. I'm confused as to why my surgeon has recommended that I have 300 cc's low profile as I am very... READ MORE

Is There Anything a Doctor Can Do to Create Under-boob That is Not Present in a Pre-op Breast? (photo)

I'm afraid that my natural breast/chest profile won't yield the aesthetic result I want. I really love breasts that have almost all their... READ MORE

How to Achieve More Projection from Silicone Implants

Had exchange surgery August 2ND and asked my PS to give me back what was lost during mastectomy. I have high profile silicone implants (550CC) Witch... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement After Having a Baby Which Would Be Better and More Natural Looking, Overs/Unders? (photo)

I recently had a baby 7 months ago, prior to my son my breasts where a large C cup, now they are an empty size c. I want a breast enlargement to fill... READ MORE

Can I Use Two Different Breast Implant Profiles to Correct Natural Asymmetry?

A little preface. I'm 5'8, 170lbs, asymmetrical (38C & 38D) I do have a good amt of tissue. I've had my pre op today & tried on... READ MORE

295cc High Profile or 310cc Extra High Profile Implants?

Dear all, I had my first consultation for breast enlargement today and was recommended either 295cc high profile or 310cc extra high profile. Although... READ MORE

Moderate/Moderate Plus/ Vs High Profile?

I am 5'8 139 pounds. Currently i have 600cc moderate implants and although they are a nice size I still feel flat, the sit very wide in my bra but... READ MORE

Will High Profile Implants Give Me a Rounder Upper Pole? (Photos)

I am trying to achieve the look of the girl in the last photo. Partial unders-Dual I would like the implant to give me a lift, so I'm assuming a HP... READ MORE

225 or 250 High Profile?

Had my pre op yesterday surrently im 32 aa im tiny weight 92 poun 4'11 pre op yestreday and the doc talk about 225 or 250 since i dont have... READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeon in NYC for Transaxillary Incision Breast Implants ?

I'm interested in getting breast implants via transaxillary incision.I really want silicone implants but should I go with saline ? Subpectoral or... READ MORE

Implant Profile and Position Dilemma

I have above-muscle saline implants(270L/330R) since 1994. I had tuberous breasts. I am 5'9, 155 pds. My breasts are very far apart (5 fingers). I... READ MORE

What Are the Different Breast Implant Profiles and Effects of Each?

Just wondering what the different breast implant profiles are & what effect each gives when placed under the muscle. I'm looking to get silicone... READ MORE

What Size & Profile Implant Should I Choose for a Natural Look? (photo)

I'm 5'9", 140lb. with a medium C cup, & dense breast tissue. No fullness on top, but don't need a breast lift. My PS suggests... READ MORE

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