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Can I Drink Before my Breast Augmentation?

I am getting breast implants in two weeks and have a girls night out planned the weekend before. I'm not a big drinker, but is it ok if I have one... READ MORE

Pre-op: Would breast implants make me look heavier?

I'm 5'7 and weigh 165. I wear a size 34b bra. I don't want to look fatter if I had breast implants. READ MORE

What Can One Do to Minimize Scaring and Improve Healing Time After my Breast Implant?

What things (diet, creams, medication etc.) should be done before a breast implant surgery to optimize recovery and results? What regimen is important... READ MORE

Mentor or Motiva?

I am having a breast augmentation in 2 months, my surgeon offered me 2 choices to look into mentor(fda approved) or motiva( as it is gaining... READ MORE

Should I stop upper body workouts prior to surgery?

I do bootcamp three days a week and on other days I do a combo of cardio and weight training. A friend of mine mentioned that I may want to hold off... READ MORE

Is there any other solution besides Implants

I'm a 19 yr old girl,for as long as i can remember i have been unhappy with my breasts. it is my biggest insecurity.My breast are quite uneven to... READ MORE

pectus carinatum (I think) and two totally different breast! Can this be fixed with 500&550HP silicones?

So as you see in the pic I have not only a bigger areola and right breast but the bone sticks out on the right side too- plastic surgeon using pretty... READ MORE

Would 400cc or 500cc be a natural looking implant for me?

I am 5'9 145 lbs currently a 34 full B . I will be having BL with silicone textured moderate profile implant. The vectra 3D imaging recommends 500cc... READ MORE

Is breast augmentation over the muscle ok?

I am having augmentation next week . I am 52 and have some sagging- moderate. My doctor is placing the implant over the muscle to fill the space I... READ MORE

What direction will implants point?

After implants, will the breasts point forward, or will they point much the same way they currently do? My chest is wide, and my small breasts angle... READ MORE

Round or anatomical implants for me? Also, do I need to correct my asymmetry? (Photos)

I'm going for surgery in 2 weeks and I'm still undecided about round vs anatomical implants. I want a very natural look with a flat upper pole. I'm... READ MORE

What to bring to pre-op?

What will help my doctor understand what exactly I want as a result from my breast augmentation (as far as look and size)? Should I bring photos,... READ MORE


Im 5ft 7" 10 stone, size 12 and am currently an empty B cup, i asked for a very natural look and the surgeon offered me 520 high profile overs,... READ MORE

What size would be right for me? (Photos)

I had my pre-op and choose 350/375 but now i'm thinking maybe I should go with 375/400. Will there be much of a difference really? I'm 5'4.5 and... READ MORE

Scared my PS recommended too big of an implant for me! What size do other short girls go for?

I'm 26, no kids, 4'11, 127 lbs, 36A/34B. At my consultation, my PS said I needed to be within 11.9-12.2 diameter. While I was in the office, I was... READ MORE

Follow-up: Bottoming out (Photos)

Updated a photo of the pre-op, am I bottoming out? READ MORE

Is it weird to not talk specific cc's or profile at a breast augmentation pre op?

I had my pre op today - my surgery is scheduled for 3/10. I know my PS knows the look I'm going for - my initial consultation was almost 2 hours and... READ MORE

At preop visit, should Dr. have mentioned brand, profile and texture?

I tried on sizers and we both decided on size for me. Realized after I left did not mention brand, profile or texture of implant. Is that a bad size. READ MORE

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