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How Long After Breast-feeding Can I Get Breast Implants?

I am a 24 mother of two. I stopped breastfeeding my one-year-old child when he was 3 months old (over 9 months ago). My breasts have reached their... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Breast Lift After Pregnancy

How long after pregnancy should I wait before I can get breast implants and undergo breast lift? READ MORE

Breast Implant Size Advice for Very Petite Frame?

I am a very petite Asian woman, 31 years old with one baby. I used to be a medium B. After breast feeding for 10 months, my breasts are more like an A... READ MORE

Do Gummy Bear Implants Give a Good Result?

Do you feel that I will get a good result with the gummy bears? I have already had saline overfill under the muscle (with great results) but then had... READ MORE

Natural Look and Feel Breast Implants for Deflated Breasts?

I've been considering breast implants since I had my son and I went from a small B to a DD while I was nursing. I have a very "deflated"... READ MORE

Breast Implants Saggy After Pregnancy

I got implants about a year and a half before becoming pregnant. Now a year later, after nursing, I have lost alot of the volume in the top of the... READ MORE

I Had 3 Kids. my Breast Sag. Should I Get a Breast Lift W/ or W/o Implants?

I want to know what is more practical. How long do u keep implants in for? My bra size is 36c. I am 5'5", 145 1bs. Implant Scare me.. READ MORE

I have lupus. Can I still have breast implants?

For someone with a previous lupus diagnosis but all testing negative now (only flared and attacked in pregnancy as stage 4 lupus nephritis), would you... READ MORE

Drastic decreas in Right Breast Size, After Pregnancy: Is this normal? Do I need new implants? (Photo)

I havent lost any weight to merit such dramatic loss of breast tissue. My child feeds from both breasts. After my first pregnancy my breast looked... READ MORE

Breast implant size for a tall thin woman?

I am 5'10" 123 lbs and I've nursed several children. I have selected a board certified plastic surgeon. I am waffling between 2 sizes: 325 moderate... READ MORE

I am interested in a C cup teardrop implant before and after photos. I am currently a small B, before breastfeeding I was a C?

I have nursed three children (5 years of nursing total). I have major volume loss, but pretty sure I don't need a lift. I was a full C before children... READ MORE

Boobs were soft throughout and after pregnancy: Left boob hard after less than a week of delivery - could it be CC?

Had breast done July 2012/saline/under the muscle. Been great and soft. i still do massages. Just delivered and boobs were soft throughout pregnancy... READ MORE

Can I Have Larger Breast Implants Put in Instead of Having to Have a Lift to Restore the Shape and Upper Poll of my Breasts?

Had 2 kids and weight loss. Breasts were never perky really. I have lost all volume in my breasts. I want larger, fuller breast again but don't want a... READ MORE

Will the stretch marks in my breasts be visible after breast implants?

I'm a proud mother of three, so naturally I've got a ton of stretch marks. Would they be effected by the new size of my breasts? READ MORE

What Type of Breast Implants Provide the Most Natural Appearance?

I am a 35yr old mother of 4 and have lost 2 cup sizes of breast tissue. I have gone from a full C to a small B/large A. I have little to no volume in... READ MORE

What size implant would be best for me? (Photo)

I am 47, 139, Personal trainer and currently 34C Droppy....Two kids later and my Breasts are no longer firm/full/..........So I'm trying on sizer at... READ MORE

39yr Old, 1 Child, 5’11, 176lbs. Can I have implants without a lift, as advised by my PS? (Photo)

I posted photos 2 wks ago, asking if I need lift & implants (looking for youthful, perky breasts) and most replied with lift & implants, which I thank... READ MORE

When is the best time of year to get breast implants? I have a growing baby and don't know when to get my surgery.

I have a 2 month old baby and am not breastfeeding. I want to get breast implants now while my baby is lightweight but I have to get into shape first,... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for over muscle implants? (Photo)

I went to my first consult. The surgeon recommended I do over muscle implants. Based off of what I've read, it's typically better to go under the... READ MORE

Almost permanent cold breasts. Just started 3 years after implants and pregnancy, what could be the cause?

I had a implants just under 3 years ago, unluckly I lost 70% of the feeling in the nipple, underside and outer sides of breast which never returned... READ MORE

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