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Singulair for Capsular Contracture Prevention? (photo)

I had Breast Augmentation on Feb. 13 and and took 17 days off of work and have had strap for 10 days (since I went back to work). Still, the right... READ MORE

Mentor Memeroy Gel Moderate Plus Profile Give Me a More Natural Softer Breast?

I am looking into having BA revision. I have done a lot of research on the net and currently have 365cc round high profile cohesive gel implants... READ MORE

Afraid to Ask my Doctor Questions Related to Post-op Breast Surgery

I saw PS last Monday which was my four week mark. When I told him I was concerned about the right breast and that it is not dropping, he only looked... READ MORE

New Breasts Point Down 2 Days After Surgery

I am two days post-op and freaking out over their appearance. They are flat and hard on top and still droop down at the bottom. I am hoping the... READ MORE

Does the price of the surgery include the post op visits?

I know after surgery you will have to see the doctor several times after to see how the healing process is, as well as annually after that. Will any... READ MORE

Has anyone got symetrical none painful lumps at the top outside edge of each breast?

Hi I had submuscular implants 3 weeks ago and have noticed a lump on each breast about an inch down from the armpit on the outside edge of the breast.... READ MORE

Areola Complex Not Flinching

Very much appreciate all help/answers I've received on this site from generous doctors -- many thanks!! Question: I am almost 4 weeks post-op, and... READ MORE

Why shouldn't you massage breast implants post BA? There is much contradictory information out.

I see many physicians advising to massage and many advising not to massage post breast augmentation. If the implant has been placed under the muscle... READ MORE

Having surgery in 5 days what are some top things recommended to buy for after surgery?

Having lipo, fat transfer and breast implants want to make sure i have everything to make this a smooth ride. Any recommendations? READ MORE

Capsular contracture or what can cause?

36 weeks ago I had high-profile, silicone implants (350cc) placed dual-plane together with BREAST LIFT, mastopexy.. For 6 weeks I continuously wore a... READ MORE

How many cc's would you say these are? (Photos)

Had my old implants taken out for new ones don't know the cc's was 13 years ago over the muscle.told ps wanted same size with an anchor lift he gave... READ MORE

Could silicone breast implants move after almost one year?

I have had breast implants since February 2013. I had one enlarged more than the other as the left one didn't develop. I noticed that the left one has... READ MORE

Why would a surgeon reduce 450 cc saline implants to 330 instead of just using 325 cc?

I just had a reduction and lift.   I do not understand why my surgeon chose such a large implant when we only discussed 300 and smaller... READ MORE

Are they bottoming out? (Photos)

I had my surgery done one week and two days ago. I am quite concerned about the shape of my boobs right now because they look quite different. Should... READ MORE

Will I most likely be able to feel my saline implants post op? (photo)

Hi, I was considering getting 250 CC round and smooth saline implants under the muscle. Additionally, I was going to ask my doctor to overfill to 270... READ MORE

Do I really need to be wearing my compression band? (Photos)

I'm 72 hours post-op and advised to wear the compression band for a week with a break every now and then if needed but I feel like my breasts are... READ MORE

Can I swim as a sport after breast augmentation (under the muscle), and should some strokes be avoided for life?

I swam in the past as a form of exercise, and I'd like to know if after a breast augmentation with implants placed under the muscle, if I can swim as... READ MORE

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