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Should Breast Implants Be Placed Under or over the Muscle?

My friend went under the breast muscle w/ her implants...but now it looks rippling on the bottom.  During consultation with a respected plastic... READ MORE

Can You Sleep on Your Stomach with Breast Implants?

Is there any side effects from sleeping on your stomach with implants? READ MORE

What's the Best Sleeping Position for Someone with Breast Implants?

Is it normal for breast implants to fall to the side when I lie on my back? For example when I get up in the morning they seem to be further apart.... READ MORE

Would sleeping on my side cause symmastia? (photo)

Would sleeping on my side or squeezing my breasts together cause symmastia? I am 4 weeks out from my augmentation surgery and I have 550cc silicone... READ MORE

Can Silicone Implants Rupture Sleeping on Stomach? I Have to Sleep Angled?

Prior to cancer surgery, sleept on stomach using a pillow under left front side of me and angled on my right front side. Right arm down by my leg.... READ MORE

Fear Having Robo-boobs with High Profile Breast Implants

I just discoverd that my dr only uses high profile implants. My BWM is 12. So he suggested a 375 silicone HP implant. I dont understand why that is... READ MORE

Should Breast Implant Placement Matter when It Comes to Support?

I am considering Silicone Breast Implants with a crescent Breast lift. The doctor I saw suggested 450cc's and placement over the muscle. I am 5'7",... READ MORE

Left breast hasn't felt right since BA and implant moves around. Is it positioned incorrectly? Why is my gap so huge? (Photo)

6 months post-op. I asked for a full but natural look. 325cc R and 350cc L round textured implants dual plane. I questioned my surgeon about the gap... READ MORE

My Nipples Are High but my Breast Sag. I Want Implants but No Lift, How Will It Look?

I had a lift and implants in 2001 ,420 cc in each , my implants have deflated and the nipples are set high, but I do have some sagging , I can not... READ MORE

My Right Implant is off and Riding Higher/harder Than Left? (photo)

I am 6 weeks postop but the right side seems more and more off. the nipples don't line up and the right side is 1 inch higher than the left when... READ MORE

Am I bottoming out? Are my implants positioned wrong as the go to the sides when I lift my arms? (photos)

Are my implants positioned wrong as I have a lot of side boob and a large gap? The 2nd picture I gently squeezed under nipple and the whole implant... READ MORE

Positioning During Recovery Breast Augmentation and Fat Grafting?

What positions do patients find most comfortable after getting both breast implants and fat grafting to the glutes??? What positions are recommended... READ MORE

Silicone Implants Above Muscle to Prevent "Bubble Effect"

I am 29 I weigh 125 am 5'3 and have a slender/athletic body type. I have had two kids both of which were breast fed. While breastfeeding I went to... READ MORE

Bottoming out? Or all in my head? (Photo)

I am worried that I may have forced my UHP implants too low by wearing the compression strap over the top of my breasts. Since I have large implants... READ MORE

I'm happy with the current position of my implants 10 days post capsulotomy. How can I ensure they don't drop any lower? (Photo)

I had a capsulotomy done on both sides to lower the implants and treat a right side CC. My Surgeon mentioned a possible occurrence of a double bubble... READ MORE

9.5 weeks PO - an unexpected rough landing, still worried about internal stitches and implant position

It was insisted that I "step over" what looked like a short wall. I am 5' and that wall ended up feeling like a long drop down on the other side. it... READ MORE

Nerve damage during breast augmentation? Could this have been due to incorrect positioning of arms?

A week after I had a breast augmentation, I noticed when I swing my arm back I get a tingling sensation in my right hand. About 3weeks after, I began... READ MORE

4 weeks post op 600cc silicone sub. Concerns: 1) shape of R breast 2) nipple position 3) L breast armpit bulge (Photo)

1) Shape of R breast (implant hasn't settled as much as L) - its boxy looking 2) Nipples: Straight on nipples look normal. From below weird 3) no pic-... READ MORE

Submuscular implants 325 cc silicone final position?

I am post op day 4 from silicone breast implants placed under the muscle. I was warned MANY times by my doctor that they will sit high on my chest for... READ MORE

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