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Choosing a Doctor for Breast Implants

What about past issues w/ medical board? Does a full schedule and higher prices mean a surgeon does good work? I have decided to get breast implants.... READ MORE

Can a Plastic Surgeon Perform the Removal of Fibroadenoma?

Can fibroadenoma be removed by a plastic surgeon? If so, can this be done the same time when you get under the muscle saline breast implants through... READ MORE

Breast Implant Bottoming out but I Lack Faith in Original Surgeon for Revision

Less than 3 months PO i am bottoming out. The surgeon spent about 5 min with me for my consult and pre-op. I explained my ribs are crooked and it was... READ MORE

Choosing a Breast Implants and Lift Surgeon

I am considering having breast implants and breast lift. What credentials should I look for in a surgeon? READ MORE

Choosing a size; 475cc or 520cc? (Photos)

I'm 5'3 and 130 pounds I had a consultation with the plastic surgeon I chose and he suggests I go with 475 cc silicone HP or 520 cc silicone HP to... READ MORE

Trying to Choose Implant Size. I Trust my Surgeon. Should I Give Him Discretion?

Hubs is out of town so I'm on my own here, Surgeon said post 2 kids I have little sag and no lift recommended (measure 21 from collar to nipple).... READ MORE

Choosing a Doctor 2 Years Ahead of Time - Too Early?

I am 20 yrs old but won't be getting a breast augmentation until i am 22( i would like to get it for the month of my bday.) i have thought about... READ MORE

Can plastic surgeons feel/see breast cancer during breast augmentation surgery?

I'm 35 years old and underwent breast augmentation surgery under the muscle a year ago. My mother who is 65 just got diagnosed with breast cancer.... READ MORE

Should I cancel surgery? The surgeon is pushy about doing a lift too. I'm 28 and want to wait until after pregnancy (Photo)

I am sched for a BA. I asked him for a subgland, and he am his RNs tried to talk me out of it. He was very rude to me, and doesn't care about... READ MORE

Why is it that so many surgeons act negatively when females ask about large implants? It's downright rude in many cases! Why?

We all know the risks, complications and ethical points of view. Yes it poses higher risks. However, if this patient is emotionally, healthy and... READ MORE

Do women with breast implants need to go in for an MRI scan every year?

I've been researching and have read that women have to go to get an annual mri scan once they receive implants to check if there are any ruptures. Is... READ MORE

Does any plastic surgeon know an estimate of what size of breast implants these are? (Photos)

I really like how these breasts look, and I am looking into getting a breast augmentation. I know it's going to be difficult to tell but if any of you... READ MORE

Should my surgeon fix my boobs for free? (Photo)

Less than a year ago I had a breast augmentation and I am not one bit happy. My right boob is clearly smaller than my left. When my boobs are lifted... READ MORE

What can I do when my doctor doesn't want to keep me as his patient? (Photo)

What can I do when my doctor doesnt want to keep me anymore after i've done breast implants with him and its still not even 2 year plus leaves me both... READ MORE

Pinkish redish. Should I be worried and jump on a plane to go back to my surgeon? (Photo)

Hi I am 4weeks post op Bl with small implants. My surgeon is in another country as where I live there are no PS. My breasts are pinkish redish at the... READ MORE

Is there a way for me to track down my breast implant information?

My Surgeon is no longer in practice and I've lost my paperwork. READ MORE

Should I go to the ER or wait until Monday to get appointment with plastic surgeon for possible leak of breast implant? (Photo)

Had recent breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy and expanders, the end of April. I feel that my left implant may have a leak due to a fall... READ MORE

Asymmetrical breast? (Photo)

I go in for my 3 month check up and I want some opinions before I see my PS. I feel that my breasts are not even. And my right is bottoming out. If... READ MORE

How do I explain I want to be a full B small C to my surgeon when cup size can't be used as a guide? (Photos)

3 yes ago I had BA to lift my breasts, my PS then suggested I increase my size to avoid breast lift scars. I was a full C cup, 38yo mother of 2. 450cc... READ MORE

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