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Symmastia or Not?

I’m really shocked about the answers of my first question: My Implants are under muscle, silicone 380 CC. I have read a lot about Symmastia but... READ MORE

Can Mastitis and Blocked Ducts Lead to Capsular Contracture?

I had implants in 2004. 6 months ago I had my second daughter and developed a blocked duct and mastitis in my left breast from feeding. My breast is... READ MORE

PIP Silicone Implants Have Ruptured and I'm 8 Weeks Pregnant, What Should I do?

I had PIP silicone implants put in over 10 years ago. I've had then checked every two years to make sure they were OK. We found out last week that... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have my Lymph Node Filled with Silicone Removed?

Hello, I had a ruptured PIP implant removed (left side). Unfortunately I now have an enlarged lymth node (2.9cm) which is very uncomfortable. I am... READ MORE

Are PIP Implants Still Available?

I Want to Ask About Pip Cmpony Implant Theystill Are Still  in the Market ? READ MORE

PIP Implant Removal - Capsulectomy?

I have the PIPs mentioned in the media currently. I am considering not getting them replaced and just removed entirely. I have had them since 2005 and... READ MORE

PIP Implants - Lymph Nodes Echogenic

I have PIP implants and following an ultrasound it has revealed i have two lymp nodes in the armpit which appear echogenic, suggesting the presence of... READ MORE

MRI After PIP Implants; Show Fluid Buildup?

I Have PIP Implants, I Have Had an MRI Which Shows Fluid in the Peri Implant Space, is This Bad? READ MORE

Hardening of Breast After Ruptured PIP Implant Removal, 7 Weeks Post Op?

I had fluid build up on both breasts shortly after surgery, right breast swelled up very large so surgeon drained 'old' blood from it. Left breast... READ MORE

What are the safest/most popular breast implant(brand) also are anatomical shape more realistic / natural / popular than round ?

Unfortunately I have had issues with breast implants causing capsular contraction- saline then silicone. The last were PIP implants which I was told... READ MORE

Can Lymph Nodes Be Taken out the Same Time when Having a Breast Replacement Operation?

After having PIP for only 3 years i have complications in both breast's. :( My left has a possible capsule contraction,rupture. My left lymph node... READ MORE

Hi I Have Pip Implants Will an Ultra Sound Scan Show Up Any Ruptures?

Hi I Have Pip Implants Will an Ultra Sound Scan Show Up Any Ruptures? READ MORE

Had a Scan and Showing my Pip Implant is Leaking the Doctor Say is Not Life Threating?

Is that mean I can wait for months to have it replace? What is the consequences if I leave it? I go to the gym everyday working out with high... READ MORE

How difficult is capsule removal 4 months after pip removal?

After reading the comments from the various Doctors, and thank you for your advice. How difficult could it be to remove all or part of the capsule now... READ MORE

Having Implants Replaced As Currently Got PIP Implants. Have Slight Ptosis, Will New Implants Will Give Better Shape? (photo)

Hi, Thankyou doctors for all your previous answers. I understand it would be easier to answer with photos & have managed to get some (plz see... READ MORE

Breast implant flips and moves around (Photo)

I had my implants done in 2009 and they have always moves slightly . now the turn position flip over and move around alot not just slightly. I have... READ MORE

Pregnant with PIP implants

Hi, I am 4 weeks pregnant and have PIP implants. As far as I know they are not ruptured but I plan to have a scan before breastfeeding. My question is... READ MORE

How can you be so certain on pip implants with regards to weight gain? Prove it!!!

No way this weight increase is related to gel pip implant which leaked into the axilla nodes? The negative impact this has effects your profession... READ MORE

Is this an infection after removal and replacement PIP implants? (follow up to first question)

Forgot to mention the stitch was pulled out 4/4/14, the nurse said maybe my body was trying to push the stitch out and the holes should heal now. They... READ MORE

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