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I Have Nipples Rings, Can I Get Implants and Keep Them? Should I Lose Weight Before or After Surgery? (photo)

I am 5'10" and currently weigh 220lbs. I have wanted to get implants since I was probably 13 years old :-/ I've finally decided that 2013 is the year... READ MORE

Getting Breast Implants with Missing Breast Tissue? (photo)

About 3 years ago I was heavy into piercing and decided to get my nipples pierced. My left breast ended up getting infected and I had to have an... READ MORE

Nipple piercing after boob job and areola reduction?

How long after and can I get nipple peircing after I get implants/areola reduction/and maybe a lift. And best way to reduce infections when done. READ MORE

Augmentation, Nipple Piercing timing ?

I am targeting no later than June 2015 for augmentation. I am thinking that in the mean time I would like to get my nipples pierced. If I do get them... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to get my nipples pierced after my BA?

I had sub muscular silicone BA surgery 8 weeks ago and I want to get my nipples pierced. How long should I wait before I do so? What are the risks of... READ MORE

Could my infected navel piercing pose a threat to my implants? (Photo)

I've had the piercing for about a year now, my implants for a little over two months. My son yanked on it the other week and it's red and slightly... READ MORE

Can I put my nipple piercings back in after BA?

I'm 1 week post op and I would like to put my nipple piercings back in before they close. I just want to know if it's safe to do that. Thank you! READ MORE

Will getting breast implants ruin nipple tattoos?

I have my nipples pierced and want to get a design tattooed on them as well. I don't want to get the tattoos done before getting the implants if the... READ MORE

How to cover incisions tanning?

I have incisions under my areolas from breast implants in Feb 2016. I also have an incision over my belly button from a piercing scar I had removed.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have piercing pain near my shoulder/armpit when I lay on my stomach after a breast implant? (Photos)

I am 5 weeks post-op from my surgery. I had a breast lift and reduction on my left wide and then bilateral implants put in to correct an extremely... READ MORE

How soon can I get a Nose Piercing after Breast Augmentation?

I had my BA done last Weds (12/30) - 450 cc silicone! I love it and everything is going great as far as recovery. I was wondering how long should I... READ MORE

How can I fix my right nipple? (photos)

Before surgery I had nipple piercings , they were even. The day after surgery I mentioned to my Dr that my spacer looked crooked. He assured me it was... READ MORE

I want to know everything about the dangers and benefits of breast augmentation while I have a nipple piercing in each nipple.

I am saving money to increase my breasts' size from B to a C cup and I want to know what each incision is ideal or less than ideal for saline vs.... READ MORE

I got my BA (submuscular, inframammary, silicon) 9 months ago, and want to get a nipple piercing. What concerns should I have?

I've already done a decent amount of research, and know that there is inherent risk in getting nipple piercings (or any piercings). However, most of... READ MORE

Can my surgeon remove a dermal anchor piercing while doing breast implant surgery?

My microdermal implant is on the side of my face below my eye and it's started to reject and the bar under the skin has peaked through. I'm scared to... READ MORE

Would piercing affect my recovery?

Hello all! I am devating getting saline implants but I have had my nipples pierced for 2 years now. Would this affect my recovery? And do getting... READ MORE

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