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Tear Drop Vs Round Breast Implants for Petite Build?

Hi! I'm a 19 year old girl who is petite build, short about 150cm (4'9"), breast size about an A cup and is going to get Breast implants... READ MORE

Is 330cc Breast Implants Too Big for a Petite Frame?

I'm 5'0", 105lbs. Which size is right for me? I am having surgery on the 22nd of this month. I am currently a small A and want to go to a small C... READ MORE

Get A Cup Implants for AA Bra Size?

I'm a small person, age 20, 5', 110lb. My bra size is literally smaller than a AA. I don't want to be big, I just want something.A little pad, maybe a... READ MORE

What's the Maximum Breast Size You'd Recommend for Petite Frame?

Hi. I am 19 years old and 103 pounds and 5ft tall. I want to get Breast Implants. I am currently an A cup could go to a full C, maybe 325cc? READ MORE

Petite Frame Wanting Large Implants. Will This Take More Than One Surgery? (photo)

I'm 5'1'' and 105-110lbs. I'm currently a 32A/B with a ribcage of 26.5". I tried on sizers and I like the 600cc a lot. I know... READ MORE

Too petite, is 300cc high profile silicone too big?!? Is 320ccs ultra high to unnatural !?!? (photo)

Hello Docs, So here are my stats.. 4'11, 105 weight, and 10bwd. I am pear shaped. My PS recommended 230 cc high profile to 300cc high profile silicone... READ MORE

Will Smaller Breast Implants Be Less Visible Through the Skin?

I have very little breast tissue and went from a nearly A cup to a C cup. I am trying to weigh my options as my implants are not only very visible... READ MORE

Debating 286cc Vs 304cc Natrelle Implants For my Small 101 Pound Frame.

I am 101 pounds and am 5' 6" tall. My dr and I have decided on two implant sizes the 286 or 304s. My dr said 304 would give me good cleavage... READ MORE

Size Question Regarding Breast Implants for petite 5'4 114 lbs

I am a petite 5'4 114 lbs. I am currently an A and am going with silicione high profile implants. I want to be a small D or D and have been told... READ MORE

Petite Build - 375cc over the Muscle

I am getting finally soon 375 cc silicone implants, full height, full projection over the muscle - if possible doctor will place 410 cc, but now I am... READ MORE

High Profile Saline Implants for a Small-framed Woman?

I'm 5'1 and 105 pounds and i want to get a high profile saline implant n is thinking about getting 400cc...i have a small frame and dont want the... READ MORE

5'0" 106 Pounds, Very Petite. Should I Go with Teardrop or Round Smooth Gel?

5'0" 106 Pounds  Very Pettite .should I Go with Teardrop or Round Smooth Gel READ MORE

How Many CC's Would Be the Right Size For My Petite Body?

I get my surgery procedure done 5 days from today. My doctor told that he thinks 260cc silicon would look good because I'm 5'5 & I'm a... READ MORE

Why Do I Not Feel That my Implants Feel Like Water Balloons?

Hello, I had 225cc SALINE implants, I am very petite 5'3", small frame and thin. Before surgery i did not have much breast tissue. I am really happy... READ MORE

I Am 5', 106lb - Would Like to Be a Small D. Is 310cc Okay?

I am quite petite - 5 foot and seven stone 8 - i am a english size 8 clothes - am currently a 32/34 b but would like to be a small d - between 300 and... READ MORE

Will 295cc silicone round high profile look unnatural and fake on a petite frame?

I am 5ft 2., weigh 49kgs and my surgeon said the maximum implant I could take was 345cc HP. My surgeon recommended either 265cc or 295cc of which he... READ MORE

Should I Remove Implant All Together or Revise to a Smaller Implant?

Before BA I was a small D cup. I had a benelli lift, areola redu. & saline implant. I expressed a strong concern to my PS that I did NOT want them... READ MORE

375cc high profile silicone implant appropriate for small petite frame? (Photo)

A surgeon recommended 350-375cc range high profile, silicone breast implants placed under the muscle with an inframammary incision. I liked the look... READ MORE

How much will the breast shrink after getting implants?

I am due to have my BA on March 19 and I am still unsure about size. I am a petite woman, 5'0, about 105lbs. I am a small A looking to go to a small C... READ MORE

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