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Breast Implant Placement with Pectus Excavatum?

I am considering breast augmentation and I have pectus excavatum. Is it better to place implants over the muscle or under? I am considering 300cc or less. READ MORE

Concerned About Breast Implants with Pectus Excavatum? (photo)

I received silicone breast implants under the muscle 1 and 1/2 yrs ago and have slight pectus excavatum. I went from barely an A cup to a full B. At... READ MORE

Breast Lift/Augmentation - with Pectus Excavatum and Asymmetry

I have recently had two consults and received two VERY different opinions. I have nursed two children and have ptosis on the left side, with pectus... READ MORE

Pectus Excavatum with Implants, Will It Make It Less Noticeable? (photo)

Will implants make it less noticeable? and what kind of implants and size would be good, plus under or over muscle? and will they look normal not go... READ MORE

Symmastia with pectus excavatum? (photo)

I had my BA three weeks ago, saline, under the muscle. I have pectus excavatum and had asymmetry, so I received 350 cc in the left and 500 cc in the... READ MORE

Pectus Excavatum, Scoliosis and Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I'm a female w/ mild/moderate PE & scoliosis. I've been getting tests to find the best surgery/treatment for the discomfort I experience. My... READ MORE

Implant Type for Pectus Excavatum?

Is there a better implant style (moderate plus or high profile silicone) to help correct a mild/moderate pectus excavatum? Does a bigger size help... READ MORE

What Breast Implant would you recommend for Pectus Excavatum?

I am a 21 year old woman who has pectus excavatum. When I where a shirt you can't notice it because my breasts are close to size (I have a mild case)... READ MORE

Breast Implants with Nuss Procedure?

I am a 25 year old female. I have had the nuss procedure done when I was 16 and currently have 2 bars in my chest. I never got them removed due to... READ MORE

I Have Just Had Breast Implants of 365cc and Have a Little Bit of a Pectus Excavatum?

This only effects the left of my ribcage and isnt extream. One of my boobs are set further back than the other due to my ribcage going in a little,... READ MORE

Will a pectoral implant prevent implants from falling to the center because of pectus excavatum? (photos)

I had my first BA in march. 325cc implants filled to 350cc. 6 months later had revision because they fell to the center because of my pectus excavatum... READ MORE

I'm due to have 375 silicone implants, but I'm concerned that my breasts are too close together. Is 375 the right size? (Photo)

I am 52, 5'8, 150 lbs, between 36b/c with pectus excavatum and I am scheduled to have BA with 375 silicone implants in 2 weeks. I am concerned... READ MORE

Pectus Excavatum Implant - Under or over Muscle?

Should a large custom implant to correct pectus excavatum be placed under or over the pectoralis muscle? I heard that the under muscle implant have a... READ MORE

having pectus excavatum chest will it affect the outcome of the procedure?

Im 27 years, my breast size is a small A-cup. my docter suggested that i go for a fat grafting on the one side of my chest (only the right side thats... READ MORE

Will high profile anatomical 400cc in left breast and 430cc in right breast be a good choice with pectus excavatum? (Photo)

I am due to get anatomical implants 400cc in larger breast and 430cc in smaller one. I was advised that due to my chest shape round implants would... READ MORE

Am I starting to get symmastia? (Photo)

I have pectus excavitum so I am high risk. We used implants the same size as my breast width but they are getting really close together. My left one... READ MORE

Breast implants with pectus excavatum. Benefits of textured vs smooth?

My wife is considering breast augmentation. She's in her mid 30's, is 5'7 130 and an A cup. She had surgery for pectus excavatum in '08. There is a... READ MORE

Cartilage Too Weak to Support Implants?

My PS said he wasn't sure about me getting breast implants because I had a pectus excavatum corrective surgery 5 years ago and im still young so my... READ MORE

Can breast implants help pectus excavatum and Poland's syndrome?

I have pectus excavatum (not sure how severe) and Poland's Syndrome which affects my right breast. On my right side there is nothing there at all. My... READ MORE

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