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12 Weeks Post Op Breast Implants, and Feel Deformed? (photo)

Hello, I am currently 12 weeks post op. 350 cc silicone under the muscle.I feel like I look deformed. However my doctor says I look great... I am very... READ MORE

Pectoral Muscles Cramp 7 Months After Breast Implants. Should I Be Worried?

I had 350cc sub-muscular silicone implants put in 7 months ago. Now, I notice that whenever I exert my pectoral muscles (pushing a jammed door,... READ MORE

Can overuse of the pectoralis major 2 wks after submuscular breast implants & breast lift prevent implant from dropping? (Photo)

I'm 67 & 4 wks ago had bilateral submuscular implant exchange with 350 cc textured silicone filled implants & bilateral vertical mastopexy. I pulled... READ MORE

Why is There a Greater Risk of Leakage with Breast Implants Placed Under the Muscle?

Some surgeons recommended implants placed under the pectoral muscles, but what about leakage? READ MORE

If breast implant gets displaced due to overuse of pectoral muscle, will the displacement be visible/obvious?

I pulled some weeds two weeks after submuscular breast implants & breast lift, & am worried I may have displaced the implant after reading about what... READ MORE

Have you ever had a patient that did not have pectoral muscles?

My doctor in formed me after surgery I had no pectoral muscle. Have you ever had this happen to one of your patients. I am worried about my implants now. READ MORE

Will a pectoral implant prevent implants from falling to the center because of pectus excavatum? (photos)

I had my first BA in march. 325cc implants filled to 350cc. 6 months later had revision because they fell to the center because of my pectus excavatum... READ MORE

Can the implant cause pectoral muscle to tear from breastbone?

I had saline implants 500cc put in 3/24/14. I noticed on my left side its like my pectoral muscle has separated from the breastbone I have a divot on... READ MORE

Would you recommend implant before or behind the muscle? Will I able to breastfeed again?

Hello everyone! My plastic surgeon wants me to have the saline implant before the pectoral muscle and not behind...What do you think? I am a bit... READ MORE

28 years post op Breast Implant, my right breast is hard, tender, and bigger. Is this an infection or has the implant moved?

I had saline implants 28 years ago. My R breast is now getting hard, tender and is larger then my R. it feels as though the implant is no longer... READ MORE

I think I have tight muscles over ribs after breast augmentation. Is this my pectoral muscle? (Photo)

I am 3.5 weeks post op, I have felt a stretching sensation underneath my left breast incision. I at first thought my incision was stretching and I... READ MORE

Am I limited on size breast implant with a tuberous breast and very bulky pectoral muscle? (Photo)

I had 300cc silicone subglandular implants and am unhappy with the size outcome I wanted to go with 400cc. I spoke to my nurse post op and she... READ MORE

Are subglandular implants a bad idea? Should I get 325 cc high profile placed subglandularly or submuscularly? (photos)

My plastic surgeon is considered the best in my city. However, I am confused by his recommendations. He said that he thinks I could get an equally... READ MORE

Do we need the pec muscle restored after having 330cc gel implants underneath?

Do pectoral muscles, after330cc each sub muscular round gel implants, always need stitching back in place after Explant, with no further implants... READ MORE

Breast implants and pectoral exercises

I am looking for a second opinion...I got saline filled implants with my recent breast augmentation...can I lift weights and work out my pectoral... READ MORE

What is wrong with my breast when I lie down? The right falls to the side and there's a shadow? (Photos)

Four months post op. 450 under the muscle. My ps told me 3 weeks ago that I hurt my pectoral muscle while having sex. Now when I lie down they look... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on the success of sub facial or sub glandier implant placement ?

Please give me your opinion on the method of implant placement where the implant is placed by the facia, said to be tough , is their a benefit ? Which... READ MORE

Is this normal when I contract my pec muscles? Looks horrible! (Photo)

When I contract my pec muscles, it looks IIke a pocket is too small for the implant so the implant and breast tissue is moving up and to the side and... READ MORE

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