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Paid for Procedure Cash, Changed my Mind, Can I Get a Refund?

My surgery for breast implants is paid for cash in full, but now I am scared to death and reeeaalllyyyy dont want to do this. What are my chances of... READ MORE

My Breast Implants Ruptured Within a Year of Surgery. What Are my Rights?

I had breast augmentation a year ago,I'm concerned that one of implant has ruptured.3 months after surgery, i felt numbness pain, and tingly,... READ MORE

Bad Breast Implant Results. What Are my Rights?

I had a lift and implants done two and a half years ago. I recently noticed that one breast seemed higher and firmer with slight discomfort now and... READ MORE

What Are a Patients Rights when It Comes to Capsular Contracture?

I had saline implants 360? cc's saline under the muscle about 7 years ago with a well known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who specialized in breast... READ MORE

Under 22 and doctor used silicone implants after accidently ordering wrong implants and now unhappy with the way they look?

I got a breast augmentation 3 months ago and I am under 22. At my consultation we said I would be getting saline but the day of surgery they said the... READ MORE

Doctor Misjudged Size Twice on Breast Implants

I wanted C-D. 1st implant too small, paid an amt., 2nd implant still to small. Replacemnet will cost me full amt. hosp. and anest. I told doc. 2 times... READ MORE

I got 400cc under the muscle even though I was opting for 500cc. Do I get another enlarging operation after I'm healed?

I am 1.75 tall. 57kg. A 32A bra size before surgery. Do I have the right to as for re-operation if I am not satisfied with the size? READ MORE

More Cc's Placed in the Wrong Breast?

My doctor admitted they placed the larger implant in the wrong breast. So now I have more swelling and noticeable, not a lot, but noticeable size... READ MORE

What to do when surgeon during operation decided to put the implants under the muscle, when we agreed to have them set above?

My wife had implants already in 2000, which were inserted under the muscle. They looked rather badly, very flat, when she was standing up. In 2006 she... READ MORE

Very unhappy with BA & would like to know my rights/options. 3.5mpo/ HP silicone (Photo)

PS said I was "borderline" for lift. I asked if the implants would cause sagging, I was told they wouldn't & I had years before a lift. I flew... READ MORE

Would you tell the patient and the referring doctor if something odd was in the implant on a mammogram? (Photo)

As a surgeon or radiologist if you see something odd in an implant on a mammogram would you tell the patient who has been ill, misdiagnosed and had... READ MORE

Is it my right as a patient to ask for photos of my breast implants and capsules?

I was wanting to know can a surgeon refuse to give you photos of your implants and capsuals ? I am wanting photos of mine. Still waiting a response.... READ MORE

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