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Am I Being Careful Enough After my Breast Augmentation?

I am 8 days post-op. Very small implants (175 cc, under muscle) and barely any pain afterwards. Because I haven't had much pain I'm worried I'm not... READ MORE

Is It Still Bad if It Doesnt Hurt?

I had breast implants (450 cc submuscular) put in 7 days ago and since day 1, I was surprised at how easy my recovery was. My incision was in my belly... READ MORE

3 months post. Does this appear to be capsular contracture? Is the incision too high/need to be lowered? I have no pain (Photo)

I have 700cc's 3 months post op. No pain incision looks odd and higher than my left. It always has sence surgery. Pre op my folds were not that... READ MORE

7 days post-op Breast Implants, do I already have ripplings? (photos)

I am 7 days post my breast surgery in Denmark. I got 275 cc under the muscle, medium profile. I am so disappointed in the result, and now wondering if... READ MORE

Is it normal not to feel any pain? Do my breast look a little strange or should they look rounder? (Photo)

My implant are 492 moderate profile. I am day 5 post op. I was a 36B before. I have only take a few advils and have been wearing an underwire bra as... READ MORE

Is this much swelling on my right breast normal 14 days post op? (Photo)

Hello, when I first had my breast augmentation my breasts looked very symmetrical. After about 5 days I noticed the right breast looked quite a lot... READ MORE

Sudden movement/displacement/folding on one of my breasts? No pain, just strange 2 years post op (Photo)

I've had my silicone implants for almost 2 years no complications, I'm not sure what happened but it happened overnight it seems. There is pretty much... READ MORE

Asymmetrical breast? (Photo)

I go in for my 3 month check up and I want some opinions before I see my PS. I feel that my breasts are not even. And my right is bottoming out. If... READ MORE

White hard plasticity feeling thing under my skin? (photos)

Hi, I had breast implants 4 weeks ago, 325cc silicon high profile. My doctor is in another country. I just realized there is a hard white thing under... READ MORE

Extreme pain and swelling in left breast only. Is it highly likely that the surgery went wrong? (Photos)

I had my implants inserted today. 445cc inspire high profile round and smooth. I woke up after my surgery with extreme pain in my back, shoulder... READ MORE

I think that I might have an infection, something is not right. (Photos)

On March 1st, I got Saline under the muscle/Breast crease incision breast implants. On March 5th I noticed a little bump on my left breast. This bump... READ MORE

What does it mean after a breast augmentation, that I am pain free? (Photo)

Hi , my name is Julie and just got out of my breast augmentation today. I am experiencing NO pain at all , only tightness. Is that normal ? I can even... READ MORE

BA 5 days ago are my implants too big? (Photos)

I have had high profile 375cc gel implants. I am almost 5ft 4ichs. I hoping for a small D full C. I currently have lots of swelling and am measuring... READ MORE

Is this a hematoma? (Photos)

I have noticed a dark bruising on the side of my rib cage it's not painful and there doesn't seem to be significant swelling compared to the other... READ MORE

How long can I go without fixing my capsular contractured implant?

My implant doesn't hurt it's just cosmetically displeasing. I've had 2 surgeries already within a month and I didn't want to have a third surgery in... READ MORE

What happened to my breast implant?

After a forceful back massage while on my stomach, my right breast is suddenly much harder. From just below clavicle to underneath. no pain. Not much... READ MORE

Why am I "fluffing" at different rates? Will my lagging breast catch up? (Photos)

One for my breasts has been much slower to drop , I have been focusing a lot of massage to that breast for that reason. Now however, I believe the... READ MORE

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